Gulf Shores Elopement Packages

elope to gulf shores alA Gulf Shores wedding in Alabama with a group of Marines who decided to wish our charming bride to be with a massive photo op at her beach wedding in Gulf Shores.  The bride was unflappable and posed for the photo.  She was expecting so when her child is older she will be able to see this picture and smile. Now just check out that beautiful beach behind this great flash mob.  Those colors are beautiful.  Talk about vivid. While we were waiting for the groom there was much to keep the bride entertained. The laughing faces of the Marines spread the good cheer all around. They were so respectful of the bride when her beach wedding started. The day couldn’t have been more perfect with her good friends keeping her company while we talked about the different pictures she might want after her ceremony. I listened well as this was a wedding I would be shooting myself. In an effort to save money we had agreed that friends would snap pictures of the ceremony and I would shoot photos afterwards. There was much to consider. Most brides want that iconic sunset picture and she was all about it.  We got a great sunset pictures of her and the groom which we have used as our front page shot. When the sunset has what we call cloud fingers it makes for a very nice warm picture and that is exactly what we got. This could be your wedding as well to bring joy to your and others by taking a few easy steps and calling us. We look forward to hearing from you. Let’s get married on the beach. Remember this is your day and you should have it just the way you want it with going into debt. We can guarantee it.