Gulf Shores Beach Wedding Updo Photo

gulf shores beach wedding
I love this Gulf Shores beach wedding updo.  Does that her hair look fabulous?  I love the intricate braiding that pulled in the two colors of her hair.  The soft curl tendril hanging down next to her face really framed her eyes.  As you will notice she kept her earrings simple.  With such an elaborate hairstyle all your wedding day had been over the top earrings would distract from the overall look.  With this hairstyle you really don’t need anything else in the way of the headpiece.  The per cent of colored her hair did a fantastic job and layering the different colors together.  This bride really did shine on her wedding day.  Her hairstyle and her down really pull together her look so even though we didn’t have signed, this girl was definitely shining.  Have you considered what hairstyles you will have at your beach wedding?  Hairstyle is something to think about.  We advice every one to do like this bride did wear your hair back and up.  Many of you are probably asking why.  Here is the reason, the wind.  Some days we walk out they’re and there’s a gentle breeze so your hair will flow.  Some days we walk out here and there is a stronger breeze so having your hair back so it doesn’t blow in your face or get into your makeup really make sense.