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Are you ready for the boat parade

December 6 there will be a boat parade and you will be able to see it from the boardwalk on Pensacola Beach. kiss me 3xI not get married on Pensacola Beach and enjoy the boat parade afterwards. Last year there were about 10 votes in the boat parade and it was really quite pretty. I’d didn’t stay for the fireworks and left early. But it was a fun night and that’s very cool. Santa Claus was delivered to the island by boat to the chorus of screaming children. We enjoyed hot chocolate and mild temperatures. The boat parade was late getting started and I had kinda got bored waiting. Then the boats went way out into the inner coastal waterway, so far out you just about couldn’t see them. But when they came and it was to the delight of everyone. Santa Claus of course is always going to put everyone in the spirit of Christmas. The boats were really decorated nicely some with the LED lights that a become so popular in recent years. When I left that evening I was feeling we relaxed and happy. I hope to see you and this year’s boat parade.  It’s sure to be a good one.

Eloping to Gulf Shores or Pensacola

Its November and the beaches call you to sunset ceremonies and soft sand by the Emerald shores of the Gulf of Mexico. This is a great time did think about eloping on an adventure that will last a lifetime. escape to paradiseThat’s what a beach wedding is, an adventure you start together. Many couples come down here with just the two of them or maybe a couple others. They could be friends or family members. Have a simple wedding on the beach because after all all you really need is each other to say I do. We have a great wedding package called Island Getaway that is perfect for eloping. It comes exactly what you’ll need, an officiant, a photographer, and the two of you. You have no idea how beautiful it can be with not a lot of people in your ceremony. It really is one of my favorite packages because the brides and grooms are not stressed in the least. I think it is because there are fewer people here with you while you’re going through one of the most meaningful commitments you can make to each other. I do a lot of the Island Getaway packages throughout the year. If so let it happen for you. We can do this particular package with just a few hours’ notice if we have availability. We’ve done it before. I hope you find which are looking for and I hope we can help you do it.

Have you seen our specials for fall, winter and spring

We are offering the following specials for Gulf Shores beach weddings. For November and December of 2014 and January February and March of 2015 we have these wedding packages on special pricing.hands down Lighthouse Point, Islands at Sunset, and Tropical Island Sunset for only $999. Your wedding must take place during the months listed in order for you to get the special pricing. Lighthouse Point comes with an Officiant, romantic beachside ceremony, unity sand ceremony, bamboo decorated with burlap, two decorated shepherds looks, two wedding lanterns, a starfish and seashell garland, fresh rose petal pad, 100 color photos, professional photographer, a photo release form, recorded music, and we can file the marriage license for you. We will set up and clean up our equipment and you can call us RE e-mail us at anytime and we’d be glad to help you. Islands at Sunset, and Tropical Island Sunset are very similar to Lighthouse Point except they do not have wedding lanterns. Instead of decorated shepherds looks they have Tiki torches but we can switch out the shepherds looks for the Tiki torches if that’s what you’re looking for. We try to work with you and assist you with your needs.  I’ll be seeing you on the beach.

Fall beach weddings in November are beautiful

The temperatures are in the seventies during the day and in the fifties during the evening. So beach weddings in Florida couldn’t be any prettier if you tried. tropical bouquetThis time a year is really the perfect time to get married on the beach. It’s not hot out and at sunset the sun is directly over the water which makes for some really great beach wedding pictures. I love the golden light the sun has at that time of day it’s a pretty. It’s flattering on everyone’s skin. Since most people come here during the spring and summer you can find great rates on condominiums, houses and hotels. We’re talking bargain rates here folks. The beach is empty most of the time so you really have the place to yourself. Imagine walking down a beach that’s normally packed full of people and the most you will see will be a handful. The sand has been blown into soft gentle peaks with no footprints on them so that Asher walking down the beach the only footprints will be your own. Once again a beautiful picture. You can see a lot more wildlife as well because there’s not a lot of people give them the water during this time. So if you wanna get away from it all and have the wedding of your dreams and this is the time of year for you. We have several beach wedding specials that you’ll enjoy as well

The people you invite can make or break your day.

We had this one wedding in Gulf Shores that almost ended up being a disaster. But some quick thinking on the mother of the bride’s part really save the day. The lady was great in grace under pressure. sstarfish boutThe bride and groom had invited some guests that were rowdy to say the least. The party had started hours ago for these folks and they were getting a little out of control and of course the wedding was going on at this time. But this grand lady came out and with one look and a wave of her hand got these people under control in seconds. It was amazing I’ve never seen anything like it. What they were planning on doing was dumping the punch bowl full of punch all over the bride and groom. This is not a football game people! But the mother of the bride found out about it at the very last minute thanks to a bridesmaid who knew what she was doing. She actually got out of line during the ceremony ran up to the mother the bride told her what was going on and pointed out the culprits. This will money media only went up to them and informed them quietly that if her daughter was in any way upset by something they had done there would be heck to pay. She then waved her hand and told them to leave. I was extremely impressed and thanked her immensely. She really saved the day by keeping her cool and setting everyone straight in one small sentence. I believe she also suggested the police would be called the charges would be filed. Let this be a lesson to everyone be careful who you fight your wedding. Make sure their their plans are good ones and good for you. And pray that you have a fabulous mom on your side.

Speaking of wedding gowns and dress length

I don’t care what anyone says, there is nothing like a young bride in a short wedding gown. This year we saw as many shorter gowns as we saw long sign I really like the trend. I’m not talking dresses that are extremely short, most dresses is were just above the knee. Colors range from white to off white to ivory and champagne. There were sweetheart necklines that were strapless and a classic bustier look. It was absolutely beautiful. One advantage to a shorter dress is your ability to get through the sand. Most shorter dresses are going to be more light weight than a longer dress. And speaking of weight in your dresses there is a few things you need to know. If you go for a more structured gown that is tight you will find your movement restricted in the soft sand. That is why we recommend loose flowing gowns. It’s just easier for you to get around without all that weight. A structured gown has boning in it to support the structure itself. These extra pieces are generally plastic so they can bend but it adds more weight to the dress. Mermaid gowns also have this same issue. So try on more than one gown to find the one that’s right for you. Remember you will be walking through soft sand and even the most light weight down can seem heavy if you have a long way to walk in it. We try to pick places that are easy for you to walk through but sometimes we do have to go all the way down the beach to get away from people so your wedding is more private.

Trashing the dress at your beach wedding

I noticed this trend starting about two years ago. Trashing the dress at your beach wedding. It really doesn’t matter where we’ve had the ceremony, knellwhether we were in Gulf Shores Alabama or Pensacola Beach Florida, brides wanted to jump in the water in their wedding gowns. Sometimes it was really fun to watch the brides and grooms jump in the water together. There were so much joy and laughter and lots of great pictures. I always advised everyone if the surf was too rough because this could be a safety issue. Sometimes brides jumped in and were unprepared for the weight of their dress. One bride and groom had some romantic kisses and the sand wear the dress was watched by the waves and the sand. I can understand why the brides did it the dress will only be worn once so why not? These women probably paid for their dresses. They were never gone to wear the dress again and most gowns can never be sold twice. So for all you brides wanting to get wet and roll the sand at completely silly with your husband that you just married I say why not. Get out there and have fun it’s your wedding no one will mind.

Big Surprise For Wedding Guests

Yes we were in on the surprise.  I had the pleasure of being contacted by a bride and groom who were young at heart and in their early thirties with small children. Their children’s ages ranged from 4 to 10. a wakj ti renenberThey wanted to do something special that they would remember for a long long time, something unexpected that no one would know about except for the bride, groom, the children, my photographer and myself. When I had first heard the bride’s suggestion of what she wanted to do at first I was hesitant but it’s their wedding so I said go for it. So the big day arrives, all the cash show up and we’re waiting on the bride to come down to us with her father. They proceed down the aisle to the groom waiting their three children. The wedding goes off perfectly smiles and happiness and joy everywhere. And then we win into pictures, family pictures and bridl pictures. Then as everyone stood there are gathered around wishing them all the luck in the world, the bride and groom grabbed each other’s hands along with the children’s and all five of them ran into the Gulf of Mexico. Yes the bridl was still in her wedding gown and the groom was still in his wedding clothes. Everyone got completely and totally drenched. I had my camera taking the guests reaction while the photographer took pictures of the happy couple running into the water. Every one laughed along with the bride and groom and then went back to the beach house to get cleaned up and celebrate. It was a fun day.

Fly The Bride Over The Moon

This beach wedding was on Navarre Beach, out past the houses. If the groomed and bride had met each other with the groom works for an airplane parts company. shyThe bride delivered parts that the airplane parts company ordered and the groom was to clerk and that would normally check them in. I thought that was so romantic. One day he delivered her a small box. They had been dating for a while. He tell her to go ahead and open the box and in the box was a diamond ring, an engagement ring. It gets better so we’re having the wedding out on Navarre Beach, beautiful area, it was in the fall so there weren’t a lot of people around. The groom had ordered a fly over from a local company with a banner that would read marry me and the bride’s name. I thought that was so appropriate and let’s face it romantic. So we had the ceremony our going into pictures. I had called the pilot and told him that we were going into pictures and he should do the fly over. He came through perfectly and we were able to capture the picture as the fly over was happening. What a wonderful memory to capture on digital. The bride and groom wrote me back afterward and told me about it with a picture of the fly over. It was a very interesting wedding I never forgot it.

Horse And Buggy At Wedding

A few years back we’re having a wedding on Pensacola Beach and the bride wanted a horse and buggy to bring her to the boardwalk that lead down to the beach. I found them a man with a nice buggy drawn by a beautiful white horse. kiss me 3xThe buggy was decorated with flowers and the horse had on a nice bridle so it looked very pretty, perfect for a bride and her bridesmaids. So we’re getting ready to start the wedding and are bride and in bridesmaids are at the next parking lot down for where we were. I’m waiting in the parking lot with the photographer, by faithful for topper for, and we see the buggy and horse approaching us. I was excited because I don’t get very many horse and buggies. I’m watching the horse get closer to me and I start to realize that I don’t see the driver. Oh dear. The bride and bridesmaids waved frantically and then I saw the driver chasing the horse and buggy down the road. I tell the photographer to keep everyone called jump in the truck and started to chase down the driver. I was able to get the driver and get up next to the horse and buggy, the driver leaned out light truck window grab the horse by the bridle and slowly we got them to stop. The horse debt and go too far so we were able to turn around the buggy and get it headed back to the wedding. The bride turn to me and said if this is the only thing that happens during my ceremony am OK. Good philosophy.