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Wind Swept Sand And A Wedding To Remember

If you’re looking for a beach wedding in Pensacola but want something a little different try getting married in Perdido Key. And that’s what our bride did. This lovely area is small and very quiet even in the summertime and one that has spectacular views from the condominiums.pensacola beach wedding As we arrived at the condominium we were met by members of the bride’s family bringing down drinks and cupcakes for the celebration afterwards. A small canopy had been set up as cover for the refreshments. And what a fund family they were. Shortly afterwards the groom his son came down and had on khakis and white button down shirts, int heir best beach wedding attire. As we prepared for the bride’s arrival I could see everyone talking among themselves with smiles on their faces. Then it was time for our bride. As she walked down to is the sun was gently shining on her face. We had a small moment of silence for the loved ones who could not be with us except in spirit. During the ceremony the bride had a small speech she said to the groom son which was filled with love. It touched my heart the way she sat down in the sand to be on a eye level with him. When the same ceremony occurred each family member, including the parents, had sand to pour into their vessel. It made for a very nice keepsake. After the ceremony we went straight into pictures and were able to capture the photo you see here now. During the winter is the best time to catch the sun directly over the Gulf of Mexico. With her bouquet raised above her head she looked like she was rejoicing in the moment. One of the most memorable weddings of 2015.

May The Angels Shine On Your Wedding On The Beach

When having a Perdido Key beach wedding and you are both fans of aircraft you may want to consider November as a month to get married. In November we have two air shows and a night air show.gulf shores wedding The night air show is really beautiful. Imagine getting married on the beach that afternoon and then taking in a night air show with fireworks on the airplanes. Now that’s exciting! Stay in one of the condominiums on the Gulf of Mexico in Perdido Key and have your beach wedding right there. Many of the condominiums in Perdido Key are fairy wedding friendly. And in November there will be very few people on the beach. Even more romantic. Most of the tourists have gone to the season and the snowbirds have arrived. You may even become a snowbird yourself after getting married on the beach. The area is beautiful this time of year with a wide open beach for you to walk on together without a lot of people around. What more could you ask for? Make sure to check out the Alabama Pass with all the small islands that you can view easily. Take a dolphin cruise and enjoy the sights. Your honeymoon can be spin it right here. How about a sunset sailboat cruise? You can find that in this area. What a great way to celebrate your ceremony afterwards. With a wide selection of restaurants and grocery stores you will find everything you need to make your honeymoon more enjoyable.

Made Your Wedding On The Beach Budget Yet?

How many of you have made a budget for your beach wedding in Pensacola? Before you even think about coming to Florida to get married you need to think about what you can afford. You will notice on our wedding packages page we have every kind of package to suit different levels of affordability.rose petals Our Island Getaway package and our arches are the most popular packages. And they couldn’t be more different. One for very small weddings and one for larger weddings. One of the largest things take into consideration when planning a beach wedding is your accommodations or lodging. This will probably take up most of your budget. Use the wedding resources page to find accommodations. We have listed two of the most popular websites to help you find a place to stay. Condominiums are about the same price as hotel rooms but with more amenities. Instead of one room you will have an apartment with a real kitchen, bathroom, living room. That’s what makes condominiums great, the convenience. Stay away from high-rise condominiums. That means more people on the beach, which means crowds. Go for smaller condominiums. You’ll still have a beautiful view without all the people. You also need to think about driving or flying. Most of you will be driving, plan for gas money. And then there’s food. In condominiums you can cook because they have pots, pans, and dishes. Most hotels on the beach have free breakfast. If you plan your budget accordingly you can have everything you need. Try not to go into debt. Most if you will be using credit cards so think about interest rates. Now maybe the time to get a credit card with a lower interest rate so getting married in Florida will be easier. I know I’ve given you a lot to think about today but it’s better to start planning now than to wait.

2016 Beach Wedding Packages

As some of you know we will be having beach wedding packages with video for 2016. The two packages that will contain the video will be our first two packages Island Getaway and Two on an Island.hands down The Island Getaway will remain the same price of $399 and the Two on an Island will remain $499. Yes that’s correct they will remain the same price. On the Island Getaway package you will receive a video of your wedding ceremony and 10 pictures. The Two on an Island package will have a video of your wedding ceremony, 24 pictures, and decorations. We will be posting this shortly and I know many of you are going to be very excited at the prospect of having a video of your ceremony. No other packages will have video. We want to keep it small as these two packages are the packages that are requested most. I hope all if you better planning to get married in 2016 will enjoy this new idea we’ve come up with to help make your beach wedding a memorable one. If you have any questions please feel free to call me and the phone number is located on our contact page. I’ll be glad to answer any questions you have about these two packages and will be able to help you choose the right one for you. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you on the beach very shortly and watching you walk into the sunset together. Give us a call today we’re waiting to hear from you.

Is Love All You Need At A Beach Wedding In Paradise?

You’re having a Florida Beach wedding and you’re wondering to yourself, I found the perfect partner, we’re madly in love with each other, what more could I possibly need? And that really is the big question, is love really all you need? I’ve been in the wedding business for a long time and I love it. rose petalsThere is nothing more precious in the world than bringing two people together as one. Most of the weddings that I perform our beautiful loving events with so much joy you can’t contain it all. But occasionally we have a wedding where there is something lacking. And it’s the one thing some people forget about, respect. Is it as important as love? That is a very good question. Personally I feel that it is. Most couples I marry love and respect each other. A lot of the grooms say to the brides whenever you want to do is fine with me. And they’re very serious about it. But I have found that by planning your beach wedding together is very important especially financial aspects of your ceremony. Making decisions together early will help the bond you have grow even deeper and build respect for each other even more. That’s just one way to start building that bond you have together. Sometimes you’ll have other people trying to influence you into doing something you would normally do. Especially for your wedding. Always make sure to discuss it with your partner first before you make any decision. Although temptations abound by standing firm together nothing can separate you. So stand tall and keep that love going, I’ll be seeing you on the beach very soon.

Bringing Dad To The Wedding

Recently I had a beach wedding in Pensacola at 1100 Ariola which is a great house for a wedding and the bride and groom wore a wonderful couple. The bride’s father had passed away but she wanted to include him in the ceremony. gulf shores wedding packagesSo she brought a chair he sat in and put his picture on it. The chair was made of wood and it was a folding chair. I would guess he probably used it when he was outside. There was a sign in the chair that said, we knew you would be here today if heaven wasn’t so far away. It was very touching to see a bride who was still so attached to her father that couldn’t be here. The chair stood beside our happy couple during the ceremony. I imagined what it would be like to be sitting in that chair watching your daughter getting married to the man of her dreams on the beach. Sitting there with the sun setting over the Gulf of Mexico with the ways gently lapping on the sand. It would have to be one of the best moments of one’s life. During the ceremony I would glance at the chair occasionally. I’m sure he was looking down on us with a smile on his face. After the ceremony we took photos of every one. After we were through with the majority of the photos we went and got the picture of her father and had the bride hold it to get a good photo for her to remember. The groom also posed in some of those photos. It was a very sentimental wedding with a lot of love and happiness. Those are some of my favorite weddings.

Wedding On The Beach iIn Florida

Having your beach wedding in beautiful Perdido Key is like stepping into your own private island. This quaint area lacks the big tourist attractions but the peace you find is very enjoyable. a wakj ti renenberYou will find a good selection of condominiums and houses for your accommodations while you stay here. There are also restaurants and grocery stores to stock the shelves in your beach wedding hideaway. You will not find a lot of condos clumped together like in other areas. Instead you will be able to see the Gulf of Mexico and the dunes that make this area a delight to stay in. If you really just want to get away from it all to spend more time together walking on the beach and exploring the dunes then this is the place for you. With the wide selection of places to stay you will be sure to find the perfect one that lies in your budget. You’ll find everything that a bride and groom could ever need. Whether you’re looking for a one bedroom condominium for just the bride and groom wore a house that can sleep 30 then Perdido Key is the answer to your question. Orange Beach Alabama is very close to Perdido Key so you’ll have the best of both worlds as far as entertainment, florist, hair salons, to prepare you for your big day. You’ll also find many area attractions to help you spend your days when you’re not laying on the beach enjoying the sun. Don’t forget to check out the world famous Florabama. Everyone needs to go at least once.

Perdido Key Beach Wedding

A Perdido Key beach wedding has been a popular event for brides and grooms and were looking to get away from it all. The privacy that you can attain while staying in beautiful Perdido Key is absolutely amazing. pensacola weddngsWhat separates this intriguing area from others is the lack of high-rise condominiums. There are more houses and condominiums. This has proven to be something that many brides and grooms who want to get married in Florida are looking for. And who can blame them? When you can walk up and down the beach holding hands with no one around to disturb you it’s priceless. This convenient area has plenty of restaurants, places to stay, nightlife and beautiful beaches to keep you entertained the entire time you were here. So if you’re thinking about having your ceremony on the sand look no further than beautiful Perdido Key. After your ceremony why not go down to the world famous Florabama and sit on the top deck to look out onto the Gulf of Mexico. Enjoy a cocktail will watching the waves gently wash on the shore. It’s truly relaxing. There’s so many places to explore as first time husband and wife you’ll be challenged to be bored. So when you’re ready to take the plunge and say I do get us a call. We’re waiting for you.