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Sunshine Is Wedding Weather On The Gulf Coast

Come down to Florida and have your beach wedding with us. It’s beautiful here today with highs in the sixties. Brides and grooms from around the US are flocking to the sun drenched beaches of our great state. pensacola beach weddingsPensacola Beach is the best beach in Florida to have your wedding. There are so many amenities here you will not be lacking in activities to keep you busy during your honeymoon after your wedding on the beach. Many people get married on Pensacola Beach. This area has less traffic than the larger areas. You won’t have to worry about getting around as you always have a way to get to where you’re going. Whether you walk or take the trolley you will not have to drive your car during the spring and summer. There are plenty of hotels, condominiums and houses without being to overrun by development. You will always find your place on the sand. Call us today and let us help you plan the wedding of your dreams. With prices that everyone can afford you’re sure to find the perfect beach wedding package to fit your needs. So what are you waiting for pick up that phone and call us today. We’re looking forward to helping you find your place in the sun with the one you love most.

Cost Of A Wedding On The Beach In Florida

When you’re considering a beach wedding in Pensacola one of your main concerns is going to be cost. Most of us are on a budget and need to think ahead when it comes to making plansgulf shores weddings on the beach alabama for your ceremony on the sand. On our web site we provide you with links to help you make good decisions and stay within budget you have agreed upon. On the wedding resources page you will find links to everything from places to get your hair done to hotels and condominiums. When you contact us we can tell you different times of the year when it is less expensive for weddings. All our wedding packages are very reasonable and affordable for every budget. We can also provide you with suggestions to help you with activities you can enjoy while you’re here. Pensacola Beach also makes a great honeymoon destination. Imagine walking out on your balcony every morning looking at the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. You will be filled with many memories you will cherish and I’m sure he will come back again many times to relive those memories. Our website is so user friendly you will be able to find just about everything you need to have your fingers. So have your beach wedding with us and let us help you make your big day the best it can be.

Bride From Michigan Ready For The Beach

bride from michigan ready for the beachThe bride wanted to get married on Pensacola Beach and she said she was freezing in Michigan. I asked her how the weather was and she said do you really want know. I laughed and said no that’s OK you said enough. This lovely bride is coming down in April and planning her wedding. She wants a small wedding with just her husband to be, their children and parents. I love small weddings. So this wonderful couple is going with the Island Getaway package. You can see this package on our beach wedding packages page at the top of this web site. Just click on the link and you are there. We have many packages to choose from for every taste and affordability. Make sure to call us to make sure your data is available. The bride I talked to today was ready for some sunshine and warm weather. I’m sure a lot of you feel the same way that she does. I think we can all use some sunshine. Although the eastern part of the United States had a warm winter the cold air finally kicked in last week and everyone got a chill. I’m urging all of you to leave here cares behind it come down to the Gulf Coast and get married on our wonderful beaches. There’s a place for everyone. We also service Gulf Shores Alabama.

Want To Get Married On The Beach In Spring

If you’re thinking about a wedding on Pensacola Beach you’ve come to the right place. We offer packages for brides and grooms. Our prices are very affordable.bride and groom on Penacola Beach We can recommend accommodations for you and your guests as well as salons, florist, and restaurants. So what are the advantages of a destination wedding? My answer to that would be white sand the color and texture of sugar and clear water. Water so clear you can wade out to your waist, look down and still see your toes. The water here is very warm compared to the Atlantic Ocean This spring and summer here are spectacular for ceremonies on the sand with the Gulf of Mexico breezes blowing gently, the waves lap on the shore beckoning feet. Fall brings Indian summer to the gulf coast of Florida and Alabama. You won’t find anything like this area anywhere in the United States. The most ideal areas for the two of you to tie the knot is right here. Ride down the beach and get so close to the water you can throw a seashell in to it. The water is a memory you will take home with you.   We can accommodate everything from elopements to larger weddings. We also do vow renewals for those of you we want to marry that wonderful person again. With so much to do and beautiful surroundings you can’t go wrong in this one area. I promise you will come back again to relive your day to shine in the sun.

Beach Wedding Bouquets Are Getting Bigger

pensacola weddingSome of you are planning a Pensacola wedding on the beach and I’ve been researching bridal bouquets recently. For the past few years there has been a trend for the smaller hand tied bouquets. I’ve been seeing a lot of them. Recently one of my friends who does video has been showing brides with larger bouquets. I am seeing a lot of peonies, roses and greenery in these bouquets. These bouquets start out smaller at the bottom and burst into a larger oval designed for the top. Although I am a fan of the smaller hand tied bouquets I must admit the new style I find rather refreshing and reminiscent of an Victorian style of flowers. I think this will become a more classic look as time goes by. In the past few years at beach weddings we’ve seen a lot of burlap in floral design. This includes burlap in bouquets. One of the most interesting ones I’ve seen had a burlap flower in it. The bride found the flowers at her local floral shop and purchased them herself and constructed her bouquet. Another bride I had made her bouquet from white roses, she found miniature white roses which she put around the larger white roses in the center of the bouquet. It was extremely beautiful. This was a smaller hand tied bouquet. Here at the beach we also see a lot of seashells in the bouquets which really adds to the overall theme of being on the beach. Whichever style or design that you choose for your flowers I’m sure we’ll be one that reflects you as a bride.

It’s Wedding Season And Time For Bridal Showcases

destin weddingsFor those of you having a beach wedding in Pensacola don’t forget to go to your local bridal showcases. I know some of you are thinking, why would I want to go to a local bridal showcase? Well, did you know that a lot of bridal showcases let you register for free honeymoons? Now isn’t that worth going?  Think about it.  What if you could get your entire honeymoon paid for and all you have to do is register for it. What a deal!  And your odds are pretty good actually, a lot better than playing the lottery. Not only that but you can sample wedding cakes. I know the next question you will ask me is, why would I want to do that when I’m having a beach wedding? Some of you are going to wait until you go home and have your reception in your own hometown and some of you will have it here, it really depends on your budget. And speaking of budgets how many of you have your wedding budget? If you’re planning on having a reception that will either be catered or at a restaurant make sure to check out our wedding resources page. We have some restaurants listed where you can have a reception. You’ll probably spend between $25.00 to $45.00 a person. Or if you have a beach house you can have a chef come in or have a cookout. It really depends on what you want to do for your beach wedding. Looking forward to seeing all of you on the beach soon.

Bridesmaids Dress Trends For 2016 Destination Weddings

pensacola weddingFor all of you having a Pensacola Beach wedding and thinking about bridesmaids dresses I’ve been noticing some trends for 2016 that look so cool they’re hot. I’m gonna be talking about some of the colors not been seeing and some of the styles. A pale blue has been seen on the runway in a Grecian style gown for bridesmaids this year. This gown can be found in both long and short dresses. This pale color would look great against the Gulf of Mexico. I’ve noticed this pale blue in men’s shirts as well. Another style I’ve seen is it one shoulder height wasted bridesmaids down with a ruffle along the shoulder, tied at the waist. Very nice for a beach wedding. An aqua color looks fantastic in bridesmaids dresses and seems to be a growing trend along the gulf coast. The style of dress that I’ve seen a popular Ian is the point shoulder and a sweetheart neckline. And here’s a color I wasn’t even expecting to see but looks fantastic in bridesmaids dresses, nude. Up against the water it would stand out quite vividly, I would advise you to take your bridesmaids with you to make sure it works with everyone skin tone but I really believe it would work with just about everyone. What I really like about that color is the versatility it would have with other colors. You could put anything with it and it would look great. Mint green is making a comeback in bridesmaids dresses with modern style that will rock any bridesmaids world.

New Years Day Wedding On The Beach

A beach waiting in Pensacola can be a New Year’s Day treat. And imagine starting here life together on January 1. Any time you make this decision is a great time.pensacola wedding You’re starting the new year out in a new adventure was the person of your dreams. We’ve had several weddings on New Year’s Day but one of my favorite ones really stands out. We met our bride and groom at their hotel and proceeded out to the beach in a more secluded location. It was cold but every one was in good spirits and looking for to the ceremony. We had decided to do it at sunrise so the sun was just peeking out from the clouds washing the beach with its warm rays. As we came walking down to the beach apparently someone had had a little bit too much excitement on New Year’s Eve and had drove their truck all the way up to the water and it got stuck. There was no one around just the truck. Apparently they had abandoned it to search for a way to get it removed from the beach. We went around the truck and found a different place to have the ceremony and proceeded with our bride and groom’s beach wedding. Are happy couple had four friends became with them and they help celebrate not only the wedding but bringing in the new year as the sun rose into the sky. It was one of the finest weddings you’ve ever seen. With everyone smiling we said our goodbyes while they celebrated with champagne.

Receptions At Beach Weddings

If you’re thinking about a wedding on Pensacola Beach here are some tips to ensure your reception goes off smoothly. One of the best ways to have a reception in this area is either have a beach house or condominium that’s wedding friendly or at one of the restaurants in the area. destin weddingOver the two I have to say having a reception at a beach house or condominium is better and here’s why. Having food catered or cooking it yourself is going to taste better. That’s a given. Must of you have relatives who would love to cook and do it well. There’s nothing like it. I’ve seen people who made pots of gumbo or jambalaya that was out of this world good. Plus you don’t have to drive anywhere. You can have your wedding ceremony right here at your beach house and then go back into the house to have the reception. Keep food indoors. If you bring food out onto the beach seagulls will go crazy. They will try to steal the food they all are scavengers. And you can’t hurt them because they’re protected. Instead everyone can make a plate can go onto the patio or stay inside. If you go to a restaurant and have your reception there you will pay between 25 to 45 dollars a person and that’s not including alcohol, that’s just food. Make sure to plan that in your budget if you decide to do that. You can feed the same amount of people for less than half that if you have the reception at your beach house.  May your beach wedding be a happy one. Be safe and has some great food. Do not forget the parents and grand parents when saying thank yous and toasts. Surely they have seen you through it all.

Get Married On The Beach In Florida

What’s not to love about a Pensacola Beach wedding?  You have the sun, the sand, and the ocean. Beautiful. But this morning on a news show I saw a bride and groom posing for pictures on the edge of a cliff.Gulf Shores Weddings On The Beach One picture showed the bride in a full length wedding gown dangling over a precipice while the groom hung on to her with both hands. I’m sure she was tethered in some way but there’s no way I would do that. And I don’t think I could marry anyone that was doing that. Not feel good about it. That’s just too scary. The beaches nonthreatening that’s what I like about it. There’s nothing there that can put you in harm’s way except maybe a jellyfish sting which is easy to get rid of with meat tenderizer. But he won’t be going swimming when you’re getting married. At least not until after the ceremony. Remember the last blog about trashing the dress? With great about a beach wedding in Florida this mess of the time the weather’s pleasant. The sand is white and quite dazzling with the sun hitting it. So no more talk of this hanging off cliffs in wedding gowns. When I saw that I doubt fell out of my chair and almost spilled my coffee. That’s a scary thing early in the morning. Don’t get me wrong the pictures looked beautiful but the extent that they had to go through to get those shots was a little extreme unless you’re a rock climber. Maybe that was the case. But still I would invite them to think about having a ceremony on the sand. Just for peace of mind and safety.