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Marriage License Info You Need To Know

Recently I had a bride call me about a beach wedding in Pensacola. While I was telling her how to get a Florida marriage license she told me she would be bringing her Texas marriage license with her.marriage license info you need to know I told her that you cannot use a Texas marriage license in the state of Florida. It’s against the marriage license laws of Florida. She assured me that she could and I assured her that she couldn’t. I was curious as to why she thought this would be possible and she told me that in Texas you can take your marriage license out of state and it would still be legal. I decided to make some phone calls to Texas and find out more information on this subject. After calling around quite a bit I finally found someone who was able to give me some relevant information. The clerk told me if the state permits the Texas marriage license it would be all right to use it. I called the Florida state marriage license office and asked them if this would be legal. They said no. So this is one thing I learned from all this, the state where you are having your beach wedding must accept a Texas marriage license as being valid and because Florida does not recognize a Texas marriage license, the marriage license would be invalid. In other words you would not be legally married unless you had a Florida marrige license and were getting married in Florida. The same goes for Alabama, you must have an Alabama marriage license to get married in Alabama. I had never heard of this state permitting a marriage license to cross state lines. So that was the adventure for Tuesday.

New Wedding Packages Coming Soon

pensacola weddingWe’ve been working on new wedding packages for people getting married on Pensacola Beach and they’re going to be exciting. We came up with some new ideas after doing a lot of research and finding out what brides are looking for. Everyone seemed to have different items that they wanted in their package. So we took a poll and narrowed it down. The next nice day we have will be going out to the beach and setting up. Next comes the photography, back to the office and the uploads begin. We’ve come up with two designs that we really like a lot.  We have a blue which seems to be hot particularly a pale blue. We’ve also got some designs with yellow and more burlap done in a very unique way. No one will have anything quite like this so keep checking back, go to the wedding packages page and you’ll be able to see what we’ve been doing. We’ve been getting a lot of calls from perspective brides and grooms who are excited about the 2016 wedding season. A beach wedding is a wonderful event that both young and old can appreciate. We’re looking forward to helping you make the best of your special day when joy in your heart to a loving light in your eyes. Let us know what you think by emailing us. Your opinion is important we value it. Thank you and keep checking back

Destination Weddings For The Rich

For those of you having your Pensacola Beach wedding I wanted to share with you about a post I saw online. This was a wedding for the wealthy, the very wealthy.  beach brideAt a hotel in the Maldives they have a floating wedding pavilion in the middle of the Baa Atoll. You can only get there by boat and this pavilion has a vaulted ceiling with a shimmering floor that has a glass bottom aisle for you to walk down, to make it even better it’s over a turtle enclosure. This pavilion has folding floor to ceiling glass doors on three sides that open out onto a deck and it can hold 24 people. Wow that’s amazing. If money was no object that would be incredible. I also saw a post on line about adult only weddings. We do occasionally have those type of weddings but not too often. One bride asked if it would be okay for her to offer childcare to people traveling with small children. I thought that was very kind and considerate of the bride to make this offer. When having an adult only event there can be some awkward moments. For the bride to offer the childcare really made the difference in what could be a difficult situation. This is definitely food for thought for any of you planning such an event.  Have any of you ever attended an event where children were not permitted?  Do you feel that it’s not acceptable or is it okay?  I would love to hear from some of you and share your thoughts with me.

Engagement Ring Trends For 2016 Beach Weddings

With many of you having a Pensacola Beach wedding on your minds here is some food for thought. Has anybody seen the new engagement ring trends 2016?  I’ve been checking out some of the pages on the Internet for just this very thing.  let me whisperI’m going talk about a couple of my favorite ones because I wanted to share them with you. One engagement ring I saw had a diamond vine similar to something you’d find in the garden. It was beautiful it ran around the entire band. It gave such a nice touch to the diamond sitting at the top of that ring.  What might be nice to have on that very ring when walking down the aisle to your beach wedding? Another ring I saw had a colorful diamond in it. The colorful diamond here was yellow, a bright canary yellow. I’ve also seen chocolate diamonds that had been used as engagement rings. And of course for you bad girls out there a black diamond. For you could girls have a pink diamond? With all the different colors of diamonds of your you can really tailor it to which you like. Or which you prefer instead of the diamond a gem stone? Some of the rings I saw had sapphires, rubies, and emeralds. When my grandmother got engaged my grandfather gave her a ruby ring as an engagement ring. So you see you can have just about any stone for an engagement ring. It really depends on what you find beautiful. Such a healthier and find that perfect ring for you. Men are still liking tungsten and titanium rings for wedding bands. I think they like the black metal. You know black does go with everything. Happy shopping.

Wedding On The Beach In Pensacola Florida

Don’t forget you beach wedding in Pensacola is waiting for you.  Do you have your Florida marriage license? I have a lot of people ask me if they can bring a marriage license from another state and use it in Florida. bride and groom on Penacola BeachThe answer to that question is no, you can’t do that. Marriage licenses cannot cross state lines and the valid. If you’re getting married in Florida you will have to have a Florida marriage license. It’s very easy to get a marriage license in the state of Florida. All you need is some form of identification, like a driver’s license from your home state, make sure its current it can’t be expired. You also need to know your Social Security number. There are two marriage license offices that are close to Pensacola Beach, one in Navarrre next to the zoo, and one in downtown Pensacola. Both are very easy to find. Try to get there before 4:00 PM that’s really important. Remember these are government offices and if you get there too late you won’t receive your marriage license until the next day. These offices are only open Monday to Friday and closed all holidays. We can make your beach wedding a beautiful one and you only need to bring a marriage license with you and we can do the rest. Our philosophy is make it stress free. When the only thing you have to do is walk down to the beach it makes life so much easier.

Arriving Late To A Beach Wedding

When you’re planning your Pensacola Beach wedding remember that people who are habitually late. You’re probably related to them. I know it’s probably not something you really wouldn’t think about but they are family and you do want them to make it to the wedding on time if possible. beach brideHere are some examples of how to get someone to be punctual. One of the best ways is to have them stay where you were staying. It’s kind of hard for them to be late if you have them underfoot. However I would advise this in some cases especially if the person is whiny. That could be disturbing on your wedding day. What if that person is 30 minutes late at every single meeting you have as a family? Why not tell them to be they’re 30 minutes earlier than everyone else? It really does work out better this way. One bride had a bridesmaid that was habitually late and I encouraged her to tell her to be there an hour prior to the ceremony. Unfortunately the bride got caught up in the planning of the wedding and getting everything ready and forgot to tell the bridesmaid to arrive 1 hour prior to the ceremony. The bridesmaid was very late arriving and did not participate in the ceremony because the ceremony was over by the time she got there. You don’t want that! So start now and tell all your wonderful loved ones the time they need to be at the beach wedding and for those unfortunate souls who can’t seem to get anywhere on time, have some mercy and tell them to a different time from everyone else. One bride even gave her grandmother a personal handmade invitation just so her grandmother could watch her walk down the aisle. Apparently her grandmother was one of those late folks. I thought she was brilliant by having the kindness to make grandma her own invitation.

White Weddings In 2015

We had several beach weddings in Pensacola Florida where all the guests wore the same color. This particular color looks great on everyone and it’s very cool in the summer. And that color is white. I know a lot of you may think that it is taboo to wear white to a wedding. rose petalsNothing could be further from the truth especially a destination wedding. It’s a cool comfortable color and when its 85° outside can make the experience quite livable. Although some of you may feel that the bride would get lost in such a sea of white nothing could be further from the truth. With wedding gowns becoming so much more than what they were years ago it’s hard to ignore a stunning bride walking down the aisle. Best of the time everyone would we are all white with maybe a touch of the thing c0lor of the wedding. As usual we saw a lot of blues and greens which look lovely at the beach as well as orange, the color to beat this year. Orange really stands out in a beach environment. We also saw a lot of off white wedding gowns this year. Cream and champagne colored wedding gowns make their presence known. One wedding and I saw I really liked it was the color of milk. The waiting game was yellow so the milk color looked beautiful with the yellow. Another down I liked had a champagne colored material under a half white lace with spaghetti straps. It was a beautiful dress and complemented the bride. So let’s see what the new trends for 2016 show us. I wonder what color the guests will be wearing next year.

Memorable Weddings On The Beach

Getting married on Pensacola Beach can be an exciting affair and it reminds me of one of the weddings that was very meaningful to me. It happened a couple of years ago. A groom contacted me and wanted the last minute elopement. He want to know if I had availability. I told him yes and how can I help him. He also asked me for a violinist. I said I believe I know someone. Perdido Key weddingSo in two days I put together a romantic beach wedding for two people with a violinist and a photographer. We met a couple at a condominium that very plush. The groom had rented a private jet to whisk these two lovers to a destination with warm sand beaches and sparkling water. The bride and groom got their marriage license the same day they flew in. I was able to get everybody on the beach and we waited for the bride and groom to wall down to us. The bride had no idea there was going to be a violinist serenading her and she walked across the sand. I watched the bride and groom walk across the parking area and down to the beach and signaled the violinist to start playing. As they came into an opening between buildings they walked out onto the open beach, down to the Gulf of Mexico and were serenaded by some of the most beautiful music. We went into the ceremony with a song in our hearts. When it came time for the ring that groom pulled out a beautiful diamond wedding band that brought tears to the bride eyes. She was speechless. After the ceremony the violin is played as we posed are happy couple in romantic poses. As they walked away with the music playing in really touched my heart to see a bride and groom and I know would last a lifetime.

2016 Beach Wedding Colors

When planning your Pensacola Beach wedding there are some new color choices on which to base your theme and one of the colors it’s a lavender/blue color. I’ve seen different shades of this and I think I like the medium to pale ones the best. I think this color would look good for a bridesmaid dress or if you’re feeling like being different a wedding gown.pensacola beach wedding In a pale shade of this color a wedding gown would look really beautiful against the Gulf of Mexico for the sparkling white sand on the beach. I also noticed a rose quartz wedding gown which was beautiful width layers of ruffles. I think this rose quartz would also look good in a bridesmaid dress or in a bridal bouquet. Last year we saw a lot of silk flowers rather than real flowers. I noticed this rose quartz shade starting to show up in silk flowers. There was also a pale peach I liked and a deep blue color. A bridesmaid scam would look divine in deep blue but I would suggest you keep that for spring, as this color may be too hot in the summer. Last year there were some brides that chose to go eight different color for wedding gowns. I saw some pale pink or peach wedding gowns on the beach that looked simply breathtaking. When we were doing our sunset shots these gowns really showed up well in photography. Remember that a wedding gown reflex who you are at that point in your life and it doesn’t have to be white or ivory. I waiting and can be any color. I had to any young couple who chose black as they are contrasting color last year. They looked like rock and roll royalty. These two were very lighthearted and carefree so this look suited their style. Make sure to check out the different colors online to see what would fit into your beach wedding theme.