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Music Star Wedding On The Beach

Speaking of beach weddings, a mega-hit music star recently tweeted a question to her fans. The question was church wedding or beach wedding? And of course I saw it on line.sand ceremony I signed into twitter and tweeted her. My suggestions were either Trinidad or Hawaii. This particular music star is from Trinidad and with the beautiful beaches there I thought it would be a perfect backdrop for her wedding. I’m sure she could get away from all of her fans and the paparazzi. Or Hawaii another good choice for a famous person. It would be very hard for a famous person to go anywhere and pull off a secret wedding. But with the two islands that I mentioned I thought this would be a great way for her to have a wedding. Even though she is flamboyant she’s still a bride and would probably want a quiet wedding. Of course I could be wrong here altogether you never know. I’m looking forward to seeing if she responds to my tweet. I know the chances are slim but it would be fun to see if she did. I’ve never performed the wedding ceremony for anyone famous by volleys wondered what it would be like. How many people would be there, what kind of decorations would the happy couple have? Does your questions I ask myself. If money was no object what would you want for your beach wedding? E-mail me today and let me know, it’s always fun to think about the what ifs in life.

Beach Wedding On Black Friday

If you’re thinking about a beach waiting in Gulf Shores and black Friday is a great day to get married on the beach because everyone will be shopping and you can have the entire beach to yourself. destin weddingThat really says it in a nutshell. Imagine walking onto the beach about 4 in the afternoon and there’s not a soul around in either direction. You and your bride to be just had a great Thanksgiving the day before and now you’re having a beach wedding in one of the most popular areas in Alabama and it’s deserted. Your pictures will be great because no one will be in the background and the photographer won’t be having to run all over the place to get the perfect shot. You’ll be as laid back issue can be and so will she. So as you can tell I’m speaking to the grooms out there or should I say grooms to be. I know that you’re future wife is out there getting all the deals that she can but you’re browsing the Internet for that perfect way to say I love you. And what better way to say I love you than with a wedding in the sand. I know some of you are probably in places that might be cold so let me tell you right now it’s 71° outside. Now you see why you should come down here. And the fall is some of the best time to be here. All of the tourist have gone home for the summer and we have the snowbirds coming in so it’s very quiet on the sand. I would enjoy helping you plan the waiting a few dreams so call me today. Happiness is just a phone call away.

Be Flexible In Your Beach Wedding Preparations

With your guest list for your Gulf Shores wedding growing ever larger be prepared to only have 2/3 of your guests make it. There will be several reasons why the 1/3 your guests cannot make it. Some of these reasons are they simply can’t take the time off from work.pensacola wedding on the beach You have to accept the fact that some people have jobs that are not flexible. Some people may be in school. And some people may not be able to afford it and still have the vacation that they want to take later with their children. Above all don’t take it personal. This is a destination wedding so some people will not be able to afford it or have time. Another thing to think about is your bridal party. One bride had 13 bridesmaids, two junior brides, three flower girls, three miniature grooms, 13 groomsmen and a ring bearer. That’s over 30 people in the wedding party. As the day of the wedding to near the bride became overwhelmingly stressed because of all the people. Don’t let this happen to you. If you prepare now and keep it simple you will be happier in the long run. You won’t have to worry as having a large wedding party which can be distracting. People will have problems focusing on the bride with a large wedding party. If you are flexible in the beginning and go with the flow. Remember the most important thing is you are getting married on the beach in Alabama. It really doesn’t get any better than that. Be good to yourself on your wedding day. Get a massage and manicure. Enjoy the beach and watch the waves. By doing all the simple things you will be stress free when it’s time to walk down to that person you love the most.

Dresses For Beachy Weddings On The Gulf Coast

So you say you’re getting married on the beach in Gulf Shores Alabama.  I could agree with you more.  With a lot to do and easy commute it really is a great area to have a beach wedding and honeymoon all in one place.  So what about a dress? short lace dress Recently I had a wedding and the bride wore a short white lace dress.  I really love the shorter dresses on the beach.  Some of you prospective brides are probably saying why?  How out because they’re more comfortable than a long dress?  Don’t get me wrong I like long dresses on the beach too but you really got to consider what is going make you happy and more comfortable and for about half of the brides I married this year they went with shorter dresses.  Yes that’s right about half went with shorter dresses!  No matter what type of dress you’re going to wear make sure it’s what you want for your ceremony.  Considering you’re on a beach and it’s going to be very warm it has proved to be a smart way to go for many brides.  I also watched brides struggle in long dresses that were either too tight or too restrictive in movement.  That’s why I tell everyone to consider loose and flowing dresses for the beach.  If you’re thinking about going with a mermaid or a form fitted dress you may want to reconsider because you will be having problems getting through the sand.  Those types of dresses do have their place but it is in a controlled environment.  One young lady had so much trouble walking in her dress her father had to pick her up and lower her to the sand because her dress would not allow her to make that last step.  So please think about dressing comfortably.  I have your best interest at heart.

Thoughts On Wedding Guests And Costs

When planning Alabama Beach wedding I’m sure most of you are thinking about reception whether in Alabama or when you get back to your own hometown.  And I’m sure most if you have seen on social media the backlash from a guest who failed to let the bride and groom know they were coming to the wedding and reception and the bride sent them a bill. gulf shores weddingNow some of you might think,well you’re just going to have no shows at your wedding and reception. Although this is true it is also extremely rude to bail out at the last minute with an excuse as pitiful as, I couldn’t find a babysitter. You should still call someone and let them know that you can’t make it. You should do something. After all you’re the one that RSVP-ed for the event and at least you can do is say I’m sorry I can’t make it. By doing nothing and making no attempt to contact any one is beyond thoughtless. Why even bother to RSVP? I saw her reaction on line when she was presented with the bill and she rolled her eyes. I can understand why the bride and groom would be frustrated when a guest does nothing to let them know they can’t make it. That’s hard earned money they’ll never get back. Sorry but I’m gonna have to side with the bride and groom on this one. Whether you’re going to a beach wedding or a church wedding or garden wedding it is your duty to be a polite guest. If you even think you can’t come for a any reason always make amends. Do the right thing by showing responsibility and kindness. While that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Chairs For The Wedding

And Alabama Beach wedding in beautiful Gulf Shores can be an event to remember for a lifetime. And I’m sure some of you are thinking about chairs. So let’s talk about that. Most of the time I tell everyone just get enough for the people who actually need them. bride with kidsMaybe 10 or 15 at the most. I’m sure some of you are asking why? Why so few? The reality is to not gonna be using them that long. You’re not gonna be sitting in these chairs for more than 15 minutes. No one is going to make people sit for 30 minutes in the hot sun waiting for the bride to arrive. That’s crazy. Most people are gonna get their 10 minutes prior to the ceremony, which means the bride arriving so they don’t have to wait in the hot sun. Most people won’t sit down until the bride does arrive. And since most wedding ceremonies are only about 12 minutes, you’re gonna be paying for chairs for 12 minutes. Then everybody gets up and starts mingling. So rather than have a bunch of unnecessary chairs that your beach wedding why not just get enough for older people, pregnant people, or people who are infirm or unsteady on their feet? Doesn’t that make more sense? At one time I used to provide chairs. Less than 1/4 people actually use them. So I quit providing chairs and started listing chair vendors if brides need them. It just makes more sense.

Orange Beach Wedding In Alabama

Many of you may be thinking about a beach waiting in Gulf Shores but have you ever considered Orange Beach Alabama? One thing I really like about this area is it is smaller than Gulf Shores and less congested. It doesn’t have the crowds that Gulf Shores can get. gulf shores weddingThere are several condominiums there which are smaller and there’s also houses. Remember that when getting married in either Orange Beach or Gulf Shores one thing to keep in mind is the use of the public access areas. If you plan on having a wedding in one of the serious you do need to get a permit. We can tell you how to get one but we can’t get it for you. What I really love about this entire area in general is that even in the middle of the summer you can still get around easily. Some of the times to avoid tuned to buying to get on the highway would be between five and seven when most people are heading two restaurants. Brides and grooms from around the country have decided to come to the Alabama Coast to get married on the beach. Another thing about Orange Beach is you have access to The Wharf. This unique shopping and restaurants area also has an amphitheater for concerts which happen regularly throughout the spring, summer and fall. Some really fantastic restaurants are also in Orange Beach including Cobalt which is beside the bridge over the Alabama Pass. I’m sure once you make the journey to Orange Beach Alabama you will come back many times it’s a great place for a beach winning.

Compromise And Marriage

A Gulf Shores wedding can be an exciting event in a couple’s life. Starting out with each other is like a new adventure. While you’re on your journey together here is some food for thought. gulf shores wedding packagesAlways be truthful to each other and to others. It’s the best way to build a great relationship with your new husband or wife and the people around you. Getting married on the beach with the one you love and the people who love you can be a compromise sometimes. Getting everyone they are in the same place at the same time can be difficult. And sometimes there’s no compromises to be made. Some people might not be able to make it do to other obligations. And marriage is a compromise. When you learn to compromise you will find how much the world can open for you. Maybe you’re husband-to-be doesn’t want wear a suit for your beach wedding because it’s going to be hot. Don’t be demanding and make him wear one. He’s got a point. Maybe he wants you to wear really short wedding gown. Explain to him that’s not really your style. Plus it can be windy and that could be bad. Above all don’t be rude to your wedding guests and others. Everyone is here for you. Even though the stress of planning a wedding can get difficult don’t take it out on the people love he the most. Remember you have people who are going to help you with your wedding so be kind to them because they really want to try to make you happy.

Wedding On The Beach In January

Through the years we have done Alabama Beach weddings in Gulf Shores on January 1st. marry me on the sandSome have been a little on the cool side and sometimes a little on the warm side. But one that stands out in my mind was the wedding we had one January first that was very cold. The bride and groom are meeting us at the wedding site and when we arrived before everyone else we were surprised to find a pickup truck stuck in the sand at the water’s edge. Seems like someone had a little bit too much fun on New Year’s Eve. However this beach wedding was gonna take place regardless of obstructions. Our bride and groom arrived and got a giggle at the truck. The bride was wearing and ivory lace dress that had tank style straps. She had on a coat to keep her warm. I had on a sweater slacks and a coat because it was that cold. She insisted on getting married in her dress without her coat for pictures. The ceremony went quickly because I was truly concerned about the bride. After the ceremony was over I immediately only took the bride’s coat and gave it to her to stay warm. We did pictures afterwards with wedding guests. I would take the bride’s coat, step over to the side, led the photographer get the picture, and step back in and put .the bride’s coat back on her. This way everyone stayed as warm as possible for their ceremony on the sand.

Beach Wedding For Any Age

While most people prefer a beach wedding in Gulf Shores this lovely couple decided on Orange Beach Alabama. And they were right beside the world famous Florabama. bride and groom on Penacola BeachThey were staying in one of the Phoenix condominiums. Our bride and groom were both in their sixties and couldn’t be more in love. The bride wore a white lace dress with matching white pumps and the groom wore a nice button down short sleeve shirt and a pair of khaki shorts. They both had great senses of humor. Even during the ceremony they were making everyone have a smile on their face. I loved it. This young at heart couple couldn’t have been more in love. The bride wanted a beach wedding and the groom of course said OK as most grooms do. If the bride had two of her sisters there which added to the family atmosphere. Some of her grandchildren were there as well. Her sister made the most beautiful bouquet from gladiolas, roses, and orchids. The colors were yellow and deep purple. After the ceremony the photographer shot family portraits and then some romantic portraits of just the two of them. We wrote their names in the sand and put the date there as well. This was a really wonderful wedding on the beach with two very unique people who became a couple.