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Calling All Bling Rings For Weddings On The Beach

calling all bling rings for weddingsGetting married in Gulf Shores and still haven’t picked out that ring? Well take a look at Mariah Carey’s 35 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring. You could put a city on it, it’s so big. The designer of the ring was Wilfredo Rosado and he spent 12 hours a day for 2 weeks to complete the ring. He had an army of people helping him. I wish she’d come here and let me do a beach wedding for her. In my dreams. Most of you have dreams of your own when it comes to your engagement ring. Describe what you like to the jeweler and see what they choose. Make sure to try on the ring to see how it looks on your finger. Everyone’s hands are different so take your time on choosing. It’s going to be a shining star to remind you of that wonderful day you were proposed to. I’m a big fan of emerald cut myself. What’s your favorite cut? Sometimes you may be handed down a ring that someone’s grandmother or mother once owned. Think about the generations this ring may have been passed down to and will be passed down to through your children. One of my friends took the stones from her grandmother’s engagement ring and had them reset into a different setting that reflected her style. Tell me your story about your ring.  Write down the story so when your children get older you can share the story and the day you were asked to become a bride on the beach.

Groomsmen Fashions At Weddings On The Beach

coral weddingYour beach wedding in Gulf Shores wouldn’t be complete without some great groomsmen fashions. I was on pinterest recently and saw some incredible looking boutonnieres for men. Some of them were so creative in what they were doing with silk flowers it was amazing. I would advise everyone to go to pinterest and type in groomsmen. These boutonnieres would be perfect for the groom also. There were some great looking ties there as well. I really love the selection of ties they had for men. Every color of the rainbow you could possibly imagine. Suspenders have never looked better in pictures. The men’s hair styles were outstanding with both long and short hair. The grooming was impeccable. When you think weddings you think brides, but bridesmaids and groomsmen have definitely kicked it up a notch. I really love seeing this as it says to me that these men are taking their looks very seriously now. I notice many of you ladies are enjoying this fabulous turn. The amount of beards on men have become groomed to a new style. Cuff links were seen with palm trees on them. While the classic tuxedo was nowhere to be found, the modern suits was everywhere. I saw a lot of beach wedding men’s attire with more men’s shirts being soft colors like blue, orange, yellow and a mint green. Most of the pictures were just regular men getting married, but you did have a few models mixed in between.  Yet it shows that men are really stepping up and I’m happy to see it.

Get Married In Alabama On The Beach

You want a beach wedding in Gulf Shores in May. You couldn’t have picked a better time to come down here. In May before Memorial Day is the best time to come down here other than the Fall. What’s great about coming down here in May is spring break is over. bride and groom on Penacola BeachThere’s not a lot of people here and everyone’s getting ready for summer. What that means to you it is there will not be as many people or traffic. If you’re thinking about eloping let me tell you there’s no better time than May. The weather is beautiful for a beach wedding with temperatures in the eighties and mostly sunny. There’s nothing like walking on the beach with just the two without the intrusion of crowds. You’ll also find better prices on accommodations. No waiting at restaurants. And we’ll be there to help you make all the decisions that you need. Remember the website has many pages that offer great information that you will need. That includes one of our great new venders for wedding flowers. If you’re looking to have a small cake afterwards there’s Publix in Orange Beach which makes a good wedding cake. I had one with devil’s food cake and a butter cream icing that was delicious. If you stay in a hotel or condominium make sure to check out the lobby for their different coupons they have available for attractions in the area. You can save some money if you choose to go to these. I know you love the area I know I do.

Wedding Crashers On The Beach

You’ve just had your dream Gulf Shores beach wedding and you notice someone you can’t place the face.  You turn to your wife or has been you just married and ask, do you know who that it is? Funny car beach weddingThey don’t know who it is either. So you ask a few family members if they know who it is and they don’t. This person seems very nice and is fitting and is socializing with everyone very well. So you decide to just let it go and find out later who that person was. When you get back to your own hometown you ask around to see if anyone knew who that person was. Nobody knows. And while this is an extremely rare occurrence you had a beach wedding crasher. Most of the time it’s a local who really enjoys the weddings on the beach. It could be a man or a woman. Young or old. Most people sit back and watch the wedding from a distance and clapped their hands and wish the couple well should they get within speaking distance. That’s normal. If you have a wedding in front of a condominium don’t be surprised at the end of your wedding that you have a cheering section. That’s normal to. But sometimes you get someone who likes to be part of the happiness and joy. Now if we can only get them to bring a wedding gift, that would be used saying something. Okay the last part was just a little joke but you get it. They’re harmless. We’ve only been crashed twice in years so that’s a pretty good track record. The smaller the wedding you have the less chance of this happening. It’s hard to crash a wedding if there’s only 10 people. You would have to have a wedding of about 75 to 100 people for a winning crasher to sneak in. And since I don’t do weddings with that many people too often I would worry about it.

Bouquets For Weddings On The Beach In Gulf Shores

What beach wedding is complete without a beautiful bouquet for the bride?  Over the years I’ve seen bouquets go from strictly fresh flowers to many different types of items used to make beautiful arrangements for the bride to carry. beach wedding pensacola One bride had her grandmother make her bouquet out of buttons.  It was a St. Patrick’s Day wedding on the beach.  Her grandmother was very creative and came up with the idea of the buttons, mostly green.  I’ve also seen flowers made out of wood which were very beautiful.  One of my favorites was made out of burlap, burlap for beach wedding.  I loved it.  Recently I saw bride who had a bouquet made with pages from a newspaper.  They had rolled the pages into little shapes that were used to make petals for flowers.  So in this day and age brides are getting more creative and really putting a piece of themselves into their bouquets and telling me of their designs they wish to have created.  I love to see brides putting their own stamp on their bouquets.  It really says a lot about the woman who chooses to go a different route from fresh flowers.  Once again this year silk flowers are very popular and I even saw a bouquet made out of yarn flowers.  It really is amazing all these beautiful examples of the creative spirit in wedding flowers.  So for all you prospective brides out there I want you to do what makes you happy on your wedding day.  Make sure to keep your ideas yours and not someone else’s.  You’ll be a lot happier doing what you want to do in and making your date the best it can be.

October Alabama Wedding

If you’re thinking about getting married in Gulf Shores then October is the month for you.  The Shrimp festival is over and Gulf Shores will be getting a lot quieter and slowing down some for the winter season.gulf shores beach wedding The weather is outstanding this time of year with highs in the low eighties and lows in the sixties you couldn’t ask for better weather to have a wedding on the beach. I think if more brides and grooms knew about how beautiful the weather is this time of year we would have a lot more weddings. I tried to encourage couples who are looking to get married to consider other times of the year than summer to get married. One advantage as all the tourist are gone. You’ll be strolling on that beach practically by yourselves. Now that’s great, you’ll never get that summer. You will not be sweating during your ceremony. That speaks volumes when you’re wearing a wedding gown. Imagine walking up for the dunes to the person you love the most with your friends and family waiting for you and the heat isn’t beating you down. You feel comfortable and you’re more relaxed. It doesn’t get any better than that. You really gonna enjoying the October time in Alabama on the beach. If you’re bringing children with you they will enjoy it as well. There’s a lot for kids to go and enjoy as much as the adults will. Gulf Shores has many attractions for the whole family. So come on down to the beach in October and let’s get married.

2015 Fall Wedding On The Beach

If you’re thinking about having a beach wedding in Gulf Shores this fall when you have made a wise choice. With air temperatures not so sweltering hot fall weddings had become very popular along the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida. destin weddingsWalking out onto the beach around sunset is the ideal time to have the wedding of your dreams. You’re not sweating and neither is anyone else. So much better than the summertime. The heat really begins to be unbearable in July and August so fall and spring weddings have become more popular than midsummer weddings. With temperatures in the low eighties in October you will be gliding across the sand to the love of your life. This time of year makes everyone happy and are so much to do. While you’re here check out one of the many festivals and we’ll be having in the area including local fairs. How about a sunset cruise to celebrate your beach wedding? There’s also a dolphin cruises where the dolphins will swim right next to the boat. How exciting! There’s also sailboats which are very romantic without the constant hum of a motorized engine. Enjoying a day on the beach is a breeze with that person you love the best. The crowds of summer are gone making beach time for husband and wife perfect. Whether you’re having a large wedding on the beach or just the two of you Beach Bride Weddings LLC can help you make the most of the moment.

Small Intimate Wedding In Alabama

This Gulf Shores beach wedding took place near the Surf and Racquet Club, which is a great place to stay. Our bride and groom had met each other about three years ago and had never parted ways since. This couple was meant to be together. gulf shores al wedding on the beachAnother couple came with them which made the wedding even better. The groom and his friend brought down a little table to put this sand ceremony on. The bride and her friend brought down some flowers and I made a very fast bouquet. My fingers were moving! During the ceremony the bride got very emotional. It was so touching to see someone so in love and so filled with happiness. Tears of joy stream down her cheeks with the sunlight making them shine with the beauty of their own. Before the happy couple came down to the beach I had flattened the sand with my flip flops and wrote their names with the day. Usually I can’t do that but the sand was very hard and easy to write in. The sun had just gone down when we finish the ceremony. So we were having to move quickly to get pictures. After we got through with pictures and we’re leaving the wedding the groom’s friend told me they were so happy to get married at the beach. It really made my day to hear that. When I was walking to my car with the beginning of twilight it made me so grateful for the small weddings that touch my heart so much.

Fall Beach Wedding In Alabama

With August coming to a close a beach wedding in Gulf Shores for fall seems like a great way to tie the knot. As many of you know this season was a good one but very hot. We saw a lot of short dresses this year and I think the heat attributed to those adorable shorter wedding dresses.bride and groom on Penacola Beach But with fall coming we will see more longer gowns. Another great thing about fall is the tourists have all gone home and we’ll start seeing more couples and snowbirds coming into the area. This also means great deals for brides and grooms looking for condominiums and houses to stay at for their beach weddings. The rates for accommodations drops after Labor Day. So fall weddings in this area can be both affordable and more private. With the beautiful white sand beaches of Alabama you’ll enjoy strolling hand in hand with the one you love most. Especially when you’re walking down to the minister to say I do. This beautiful time of year brings better temperatures for an outdoor activities. This summer we saw a lot of hot days and warm afternoons. Like most happy couples were all grateful for the change in the season. The wedding season here does from spring into fall, with some winter weddings. Remember you will still need sunscreen regardless of the season. No one wants to walk down the aisle with a sunburn, although it’s mostly the grooms with sunglasses raccoon eyes. I know most of you who plan on coming to the beach this fall will be enjoying this beautiful time of year also known as Indian summer. I’ll be seeing you on the beach.

2016 Beach Wedding Packages Coming Soon!

If you’re thinking about a beach wedding in Alabama or Florida remember in 2016 we will be offering wedding packages with video.kiss me by the sea These beach wedding packages will be for small weddings only. We will soon be releasing these packages to be available to brides and grooms everywhere. One package will be for weddings of 15 people or less and the other package will be for weddings of 25 or more. We’ve been trying to come up with new ideas to help make your ceremony more memorable. A video of your ceremony on the sand is one way to really have the moment re-live again. I hope everyone enjoys the new packages. It’s been in the works for about three months now and we’re ready to launch. We’ve made this video package a very reasonable price and probably much more reasonable than you’re going to imagine. I’ve taken in consideration what brides and grooms had been telling me and asking for when I made this decision. Getting married on the beach is really a lot of fun for everyone. Just being out there and seeing the Gulf of Mexico shining like a bunch of diamonds is something you’ll cherish for many years to come.  Looking forward to seeing you all on the beach in the very hear future.  Come say I do with us!