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Beach Wedding In Pensacola With Child

We had a beautiful wedding on Pensacola Beach yesterday for Valentine’s Day. Although it was windy the bride and groom made the most beautiful day. The sun was shining brightly and the beach was filled with people enjoying the sunshine. Beach Wedding In Pensacola With ChildOther than the beach being slightly windy the weather was spectacular. Our bride wore a long flowing white dress with a red shawl to keep her warm during the ceremony. The groom wore a white linen shirt with khaki slacks.  They were a very handsome couple. The groom was in the military and was getting ready to ship out to an island in the Indian Ocean. Our lovely bride had met the man of her dreams while shopping at a local grocery store where the groom had taken a second job. It was a romantic meeting of chance that brought the two of them together to tie the knot on Valentine’s Day. Their families where there wishing them well in the dazzling sunlight. We had their wedding midday so they could get to their wedding reception. It was hard for them to find a place for their wedding reception because of the holiday. The only place they could find would let them have their celebration of love at 3:00 PM. So we worked around it. Usually we have our beach wedding ceremonies at sunset and although this would have been better wind wise we had to make do with what we had. All in all the day turned out to be wonderful and we had some beautiful pictures for them to remember that day.

New Beach Wedding Packages

new beach wedding packagesWe have some new Pensacola Beach wedding packages ready for you to see. Check out Mermaid’s Tale. This package comes with burlap and netting which could be any mermaid’s dream. The brides seem to like it and they have been my main focus. I’ve been asking them what they are looking for and they all say the same thing, something different. That says something to me. So I started concentrating on designs that I wasn’t seeing anywhere else.  I started envisioning this design but it needed something and one of my friends said she wished it was longer and Mermaid’s Tale was completed. All that was needed was to go out to the beach, set it up and take pictures. There’s the story. If you’re wanting some of the most reasonably priced wedding packages on the Gulf Coast we are it.  No high prices here.  We have so many different packages to choose from you will be sure to find what you need.  If you need help call us and we’ll do our best to assist you.  Make sure to check out the resources page for more info to help you plan your beach wedding and trip as well.  I always tell everyone to check out all the pages on the website because of all the valuable info.  These are things you will need to know so bookmark those pages, especially the marriage license page.  That’s an important one.  Make sure you know the requirements before you come and you can always call us so we can discuss other questions you may have.

Save The Date For Your Beach Wedding By Planning Well

save the date your beach wedding by planningFor those of you planning your Pensacola Beach wedding and thinking about your wedding day, read on. Like most tourist destinations a beach area can be a good place to have your ceremony, however there are certain dates you will want to avoid. The main reason we say to avoid these dates is overcrowding. Case in point, Memorial Day weekend on Pensacola Beach. I would not recommend having a wedding on this weekend because it’s the unofficial first day of summer. The amount of people is overwhelming and we have had times when we could not get to the beach. Another day I would not recommend is July 4th. Not only do you have to tourists coming to the beach, you have locals coming as well. It is nearly impossible to get out there. Also avoid Blue Angels weekend. We have an air show on the beach which books up hotels, houses and condominiums at least one year in advance. It’s a great show for air show buffs but stressful for weddings. It is very difficult to find a place to stay when accommodations are limited. So these are three dates you may want to avoid coming to Pensacola Beach to have your wedding ceremony. Other areas that are close to Pensacola Beach are not so overcrowded. I would recommend Perdido Key. This area smaller and more intimate. Perdido Key is located on the western edge of Pensacola, which is located on the mainland. Remember that Pensacola and Pensacola Beach are two different areas separated by 2 bridges and a small area called Gulf Breeze, about 5 miles. I know most of you want the best for your beach wedding in Pensacola and together we can make it happen.

2016 Beach Wedding Hair Trends We Like

For those of you having a beach wedding in Pensacola and you haven’t figured out your hair style consider some of the new spring trends for 2016. One trend I thought was unique was a floral arrangement that went from ear to ear under the hair. gulf shores weddingThe flowers are made of silk. An unusual look was butterfly clips, that were white, and looked good with a sleek updo. I think this would look good for any bride who had a touch of whimsical fancy. For those of you who love to tease your hair there was an updo with the hair sky high in an almost early 1900’s look. Bring on the hair spray and lots of it. The one trend I’ve really liked was hair pins with small flowers attached to them. I thought it added a delicate touch to a softly styled hair style. One bridal headpiece I saw had starfish, coral and seashells on it. Very sparkly and glittery and if you’re into the ocean goddess look this would be perfect for you. You may want to buy the earrings that match, they were starfish is also. The final look that I really love the most was a braid with stars and pearls in it. I thought this would look great at the beach wedding because it was sleek and stylish.  Keep in mind the beach has a breeze so go for a hairstyle that will help keep your hair away from your face.  Regardless of what look you choose for your special day you will surely shine like the radiant star that you are. So keep looking on the Internet and find your perfect hair for your wedding day

2016 Wedding Band Trends For Destination Weddings

With your Pensacola wedding on the beach becoming a reality and growing closer I’m sure some of you are considering what type of wedding band you may be thinking about. short lace dressThere are some recent trends that I’d like to talk about that I’ve seen not only in magazines but in weddings that we have done. One of my favorites that I like the look of is to have stacked wedding bands. I’m sure you have seen them, they look like eternity diamond rings in different colored gold. I’ve seen yellow gold, rose gold and white gold with diamonds stacked together. I like the look. I’ve also seen brides wearing their engagement rings on the right hand and then switching it to their left hand when they’re married. I’m not seeing as many ring guards as I once did and I see these becoming more sophisticated. The new ring guards are more defined and smaller. I saw one with rows gold and white gold encrusted with white diamonds. It looked really nice on the hand. Your beach wedding will be complete with such an elegant ensemble. Another look and seeing is to have stones other than diamonds for a wedding band. One ring I saw had sapphires and diamonds. That was beautiful. I’ve also seen more vintage inspired designs and I don’t see this trend going away anytime soon. Some brides are still using their grandmothers rings which are styled quite beautifully from jewelers of the past. Whenever ring you choose maybe the one you love forever.

Pensacola Beach Weddings For 2016 Available Now

I’d like to say merry Christmas to all the brides and grooms who had beach weddings in Pensacola. I’d like to thank you for making this year a really good one. It was such a delight to have all of you get married on the beach and let me the part of your celebration of love. gulf shores weddingWe had some memorable moments everything from the best man who forgot the rings to a bride who jumped in the gulf and almost couldn’t get out. We had some beautiful sunsets that we share together forever. I loved all that dresses I saw this year, from short too long, from white to blue and everything in between. It was so exciting saying that grooms faces when the bride’s walked up to them looking resplendent in their gowns. We had children take part in the ceremonies and left me laughing sometimes. We had brides and grooms about the giggles during their beach weddings and I laughed right along with them. We had some of the most beautiful bouquets I’ve ever seen. And love songs that were sung to each other. We dodged the rain and shined in the sun. I met a lot of interesting people this year and many unforgettable moments. I guess that’s why I love my job. I’m always being surprised and learning to smile at every turn. I sincerely thank everyone else family, friends, photographers, florists, caterers, I could go on and on but you know who you are. Thank you all for wonderful year and I’m looking forward to next year. I’ll be seeing you on the beach Wilson.

Come Get Married On The Beach In Pensacola

The weather for a beach wedding in Pensacola is looking good.  We’re talking temperatures in the seventies, that’s 70’s.  Yes it’s nice and pleasant.  Great for coming to the sugar white sands of Florida.  It’s not tropical yet but the summer will be, just wait.  pensacola beach weddingsThere’s plenty of availability in hotels and condos.  Check out the resources page for more info on accommodations.  The beach looks beautiful.  I went out the beach to watch the sunset and thought to myself how quiet it is on the sand and wouldn’t a wedding right here be nice?  The sunset was magnificent that day with the sun shining down on the water.  Seashells were everywhere and every color. Sometimes it’s great to come here when there’s no one here.  Enjoying walks on the beach after the ceremony.  Ringing in the new year together and then returning to home to start your married life.  Sounds like a dream come true doesn’t it?  This is the best place to get married on the Emerald Coast.  By being small you don’t have the traffic and congestion of a high tourist area like Destin.  I don’t think so.  Pensacola Beach is better than that.  No crazy crowds here I’m proud to say.  There’s only two days when it’s a little hectic and that’s July 4 and Memorial Day.  So come see us we are looking forward to helping you enjoy one of the best days of your life.  Here comes the bride and groom waking across the sand to their happily ever after. Are you ready for your special day to glow in the love of your significant other? Have you been waiting for the right moment to ask that one question that will change your lives forever? Why wait do it now and contact us so we can make it the greatest day of your life.


Trash The Dress At The Wedding On The Beach

Last year at a beach wedding in Pensacola we saw quite a few brides jump into the water with their wedding gowns on. Trash the dress was very popular in 2014. This year we only had one bride get her wedding gown wet. She wanted to trash her dress. I understand why women do this. You’re only going to wear that gown once. pensacola wedding on the beachYou’re not going to sell it so why not jump in the Gulf of Mexico. This sweet bride did not realize how happy the water was going to make her wedding gown. I felt so sorry for her because she couldn’t get out of water. The groom was laughing and finally helped her out, they were both laughing at that point. I smiled and thought to myself they are sharing a funny moment together while everyone else was flabbergasted. I still thought they were quite cute all wet like that. They had both wanted a Pensacola Beach wedding as they had both vacationed here before. One of the funniest trash the dress moments was when the bride and groom had told us they were going to turn and run into the Gulf of Mexico right when the ceremony was over. They both had children from previous marriages and the kids were in on it. They told me not to tell anyone, it was so hard not to break the news to the mother of the bride but I knew it was my job not to say anything and wait for the surprise. I told the photographer to take a lot of pictures before the end of the ceremony as I knew we wouldn’t have that many afterwards. So at the end of the ceremony are happy couple and their children turned in ran into the water. I thought everyone was going to fall over. That was a good one.

2015 Pensacola Beach Bride Weddings

We had a lot of brides get married on Pensacola Beach. They were all so beautiful this year and every year. We also had some brides who had special challenges to overcome in order to have the wedding of their dreams. We had brides who had multiple sclerosis, strokes, laws of parents. All these brave brides stood up and face the challenges head on. pensacola beach weddingThey have my admiration and respect. We had to get creative in order to assure these brides had everything they needed. These challenges are what make this job so rewarding. Although I don’t really consider it a job because of everything I get from it spiritually. I consider it an honor to be there on the sand with brides and grooms, their family and friends. Every time I see a bride walk across the sand it still thrills me I have this happening in my life. Beach weddings have been part of my career for a long time now and I love it. I feel so blessed I get to do an incredible service for people who were in love. We had so many different brides this year. Every age group, every kind of dress, every kind of family. It was exciting. Also very hot in July but it’s to be expected and we still did weddings. Now its engagement season and so many of you are getting ready for your own wedding in Florida and Alabama. I urge you all to take your time and find the best person to help assist you in your blessed day. I help you consider Beach Bride Weddings LLC in your choices as we would love to serve you on one of the most important days of your life.

Tiny Tots At Pensacola Wedding On The Beach

This Pensacola Beach wedding had two small young ladies in matching dresses. Their grandmother was getting married and they’re enjoying themselves playing in the sand. Our bride and groom were very a very laid back couple who had been enjoying the beach and staying in their beach house on Maldonado Drive close to Avenue 17.beach wedding in pensacola It was a short walk to the beach for everyone. The bride and groom dressed quite comfortably with the bride in a red casual dress and the groom in a white button down shirt and shorts. It was in the mid seventies so the weather was perfect and the sun was setting right over the Gulf of Mexico. There was a fine mist in the air which made everything look soft. The bride’s two daughters came walking up in matching blue dresses and all the ladies they’re had matching earrings of the bride’s favorite stone. Everything was so colorful I loved it. The beach wedding went smoothly with bride and groom looking into each other’s eyes with love. After the ceremony we went into pictures and one of the very last pictures we took had this loving family holding hands and walking into the sunset. Well one of those little girls decided that she didn’t want to put her feet down at all and decided to keep her feet up while the family was walking away from us. It made for the cutest picture. We started laughing so hard to because it was so unbelievably cute! I’m sure this will be a great memory for the family to share throughout the year and on their first anniversary. If you want a great memory like this for your wedding please call us today and let us help you make these decisions now.