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Wedding Packages Page

wedding packages pageFor couples dreaming of a wedding on Pensacola Beach make sure to check out our packages page. You’ll find links they’re to Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. We post pictures of weddings so that you can see how other couples have celebrated their special day on the sand. On Pinterest we will show you different wedding gowns that you will enjoy browsing, men’s fashions for ceremonies on the beach and wedding jewelry with ocean themes. We’ve also included beachy bouquets and barefoot sandals, it’s like wearing decorations for your feet. In order to provide different interests for brides and grooms we started these social media pages. So far the response has been a positive one. We’re looking forward to having you check the south and give us your input. Are there pind would like to suggest us? Feel free to twitter back. If you Instagram any of your wedding pictures, let us know we’d love to share them on our pages well. I try to go with them the social media networks and found to be more in tune with what brides and grooms were looking for. We did not do Facebook as this seems to be a more personal site and not so much for interaction as much as the other three I have listed. I hope your beach wedding is everything that it can be and that these networks will help you make great choices.  If you felt that there is any other social network that you would like for us to include please drop as a line and if we feel this would enhance your interaction with the site, we’ll add it.

The Bride Should Shine Brighter

If you’re getting married in Pensacola beach it is my honor to give you a design that makes you shine brighter than anything at your wedding. Yesterday I had a sweet bride call me and asked me why I didn’t have large arbors. halo brideWell at one time I did have large arbors and when I looked at the pictures after the weddings the one thing I noticed was the first thing your eye went to was the arbor and not the bride. I had a problem with that.  I think your eye should go to the bride and groom not some design. When you are putting up decorations they should flatter people and not overshadow people. It doesn’t matter what kind of event you have, the outcome should be the same. What you’re getting married on the beach or giving a speech you must be the center of attention. That’s when I started designing smaller decorations for weddings. In my opinion they look better. What is the old saying I always hear, less is more. And it’s true. In photography if you have too many props you clutter the photograph. Your eye is going all over the place and you can’t focus on one thing. And the next couple weeks when I get a chance to go back out on the beach I’m going to be setting up some brand new designs that I think you’re all going to like. I’m going be focusing on the color of 2016 weddings which will be a light blue. It’s going to be mixed with other colors and I would like for all of you to comment. It means a lot to me to get your feedback.

Get Married On Pensacola Beach At The Boat Parade

A beach wedding in Pensacola it’s a treat to be sure. But what about a boat parade with fireworks and Santa Claus? All in one place? On Saturday there will be festivities on Pensacola Beach for everyone to enjoy. destin weddings 2What a perfect time to come down and get married on the beach. I think everyone would be having a wonderful time and you should be here to. That afternoon we could go down to the beach have your ceremony, take some pictures and then you could be on your way to watching the boat parade. It would be the first event you would be celebrating together as husband and wife. Maybe you could pose with Santa! I heard there were going to be about 20 boats in the boat parade this year. There’s also a parade on the beach on Sunday which you can enjoy together. And in the south you know we always we throw beats at parades. You could go home with some souvenirs from your parade visit. The weather is in the sixties but with the sun shining it does make it feel warmer. A lot of you from the northern states would think this is a beautiful spring weather so come on down and join us. There’s always plenty of room for a few more friendly faces. Let’s make this beach wedding one to remember for a long time to come. It’s really beautiful down here this time of year and we’re looking forward to seeing you on the beach with love and your heart and eyes. It’s only a phone call away is the best thing. So let your fingers get busy and I’ll be waiting for you.

Smart Phones And Weddings On The Beach

A beach wedding in Pensacola Florida can be a wonderful experience for everyone in the wedding and everyone coming to the wedding. Whether it’s large or small being in nature surrounded by the sight and sounds of the ocean is a wonderful memory of treasure for a long time. pensacola beach weddingsMany people bring smart phones to weddings, seems like everyone has one. However some people can get a little aggressive with their smart phone while taking pictures and actually intrude upon your space. I don’t think they intend to get as close as they do but it can interfere with your wedding especially when they’re so close to you they are bumping into you. That has happened to us once. We had someone shooting video with a smart phone that was blocking the photographer from getting his shots. So you may want to consider asking your guests to limit cell phone [ictrues until after the ceremony. Before the wedding starts I try to let everyone know where the photographer will be working and to ask them not to please a void those spaces. Most people understand the photographe’rs pictures are the ones that are the most important as they are paid for. We even had one bride who banned cell phone usage completely from her ceremony because of the articles she had read online. Your beach wedding will be the best that it can be. We can help you make it happen.  We’ve been doing weddings so long time and understand everything that can happen and plan for the unexpected. Being flexible and fast on our feet as prepared as for just about anything.

Get Married In Gulf Shores And Listen To The Music

A beach wedding in Gulf Shores Alabama would be beautiful in November. I know must if you don’t think of getting married in November on the beach but this time a year has something very special happen in the Gulf Shores and Perdido Key area. pensacola beach weddingsAnd if you love music this would be the perfect time for you to come down and celebrate not only your wedding but music as well. The Frank Brown Songwriters Festival starts tomorrow and the area will be filled with music for 10 days. Imagine getting married on the beach and going to hear a songwriter that evening. What a treat! Must people of music and some of you love it even more. Why not take the opportunity to come down and enjoy this event? This is the perfect time a year to come down to get away from the crowds. Your wedding on the sand will be very romantic because there will be very few people out there on the beach. The weather could be more perfect with highs in the mid seventies and lows in the mid sixties. Stroll on the beach with just the two if you and enjoy this time together to bond deeply. Not only way you enjoy a great music but also great seafood. We have some great restaurants in the area including Cosmos of Orange Beach, one of the best restaurants in the area. Or you can try Cobalt on the Alabama Pass, try their tiramisu cupcake. Now that’s a wedding cake to savor. Either way you look at it getting married in Alabama never looked so good.

Halloween Wedding On The Sand

Some of you may feel that a Halloween Beach wedding would be Gothic and dark. On the contrary, they can be filled with light and fall colors. Some brides and grooms we have done ceremonies for chose yellows, orange, and burlap for their wedding colors. pensacola beach weddings and receptionsThese beautiful colors look great on the sand and Gulf of Mexico. During this beautiful time this year you can make many choices for decorations to complement your wedding. Even a lively red can look breathtaking up against the backdrop of the beach. Or you can go the Halloween decor with bats and cobwebs. I can see a wedding arch decorated with that right now. It really depends on how you see your wedding and the way you wanted to look. Make sure to be happy with your choices regardless of what others may think. It’s not their wedding, it’s your wedding! So don’t lose sight of your dream. By coming down this time of year, around Halloween you’ll enjoy some of the sounds and sights of the area including entertainment just for Halloween. The great thing about being on the beach for any wedding anytime of year is the beauty of nature. Fall really is a beautiful time to be down here and enjoying what we have been so blessed with. You’ll really love it in October and November on one of the prettiest beaches in the entire world.  So put your suitcases in your car or truck and come down here and explore this area and maybe get married on the beach. You’ll be glad you did.

Rainy Day For Wedding On The Beach

Although we try some beach weddings will get rained out. I’ve only had four rained out but it does happen. We got rained out one time and it was a military wedding. The bride and groom were really devastated but there was nothing we could do. wedding on the beachHowever one of the chaplains heard about what happened and he was at the military base in Pensacola. He told the bride and groom bacon half their ceremony in the small chapel at the Navy base. We were really lucky that day and somebody up there was definitely smiling on us. So we get to the chapel and we fix it up with the decorations that we found there. The bride and groom’s family were able to make it to the church on time. There were lots of friends dressed out in full military dress uniforms. We even had colored sand for the sand ceremony that the mother of the bride had provided with a big beautiful glass heart to put the sand in. The wedding when off perfectly even though we were doing a beach wedding it was still the perfect waiting for them. Afterwards as the bride and groom were leading the chapel all their military friends lined up and held their swords up for the bride and groom to walk through. It was like a sword tunnel. As the bride in Graham walked through the tunnel at the very end the last officer smacked the bride on the backside with his sword. We all burst out laughing as did the bride. So it just goes to show even though your wedding on the beach gets rained out we can still make it happen.

Those Loving Eyes When You Get Married On The Beach

It’s sunset and a beach wedding has just begun. The groom is waiting by the water with anticipation. People around him are whispering soft words but he doesn’t really hear anything except the soft splash of the waves. beach wedding pensacolaThe bride is about to begin her walk. Her heart aflutter with happiness. I’ve seem this many times, for years now, and the one of the things I love the most is when they first see each other. I will be talking to the groom when I first see the bride. I usually wait until she gets about halfway to us and then I have him turn to see her. I love to watch his face light up because most of the time he hasn’t seen her in her dress. For most men there is a look of awe and excitement, as they know the ceremony is about to begin. He’s been waiting for this moment for a long time and even though the groom seemed very relaxed on the inside he’s jumping up and down. When the bride first sees the groom she will blush, not from modesty but from excitement. She too has been waiting a long time for this moment and has made herself the most beautiful l she will ever look. Hours of preparation has gone into this one moment. Her makeup is perfect, her dress beautiful and her attitude is one of hope and happiness. When two people began a life together it is a joy to see. To watch their expressions is something I’ve been blessed with and I never get tired of it. I love it. I’m hoping I find you one day on the beach and I’m doing you’re wedding for you.

To Drink Or Not At Weddings

Have you ever been to a beach wedding in Florida and the adults are enjoying alcoholic beverages? There’s always the toast to the bride and groom, speeches by the best man with more toasts. destin weddingThis nothing wrong with providing alcohol to your adult guests at your beach wedding if you lay out a few ground rules before hand. I know this is the subject some of you don’t want to discuss but it’s very important for you to make these decisions now. As a wedding planner I’ve seen weddings where people behave themselves and drink responsibly. I have also seen intoxicated people behaving badly. And believe me a wedding celebration go terribly wrong quickly. You don’t want that to disrupt the proceedings. One way to avert a catastrophe is to establish a code of conduct for your ceremony. You can even be included in your wedding invitation. Informed your guests to come and enjoy themselves but too do so in a dignified manner. In this day and age of driving under the influence and the responsibility of the person serving alcohol it is advisable to hire a professional bartender to serve everyone who is drinking alcohol. Inform the bartender not to serve anyone who has had too much to drink. You want everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves and wish you well. You don’t want a person who has had too much to drink stumbling around and disrupting your guests. It really makes sense in the long run for everyone concerned.

Airplane Flies Over Beach Wedding

Is that beach wedding in Pensacola flying over your head? If you’re an aviation buff this next post is for you. While out on the beach yesterday doing a wedding, an airplane flew by with a wedding proposal on it. pensacola weddingThis reminded me of a wedding I did on the beach. The bride and groom were of aviation buffs. If it had something to do with the airplane or a jet this couple loved it. Too surprised the bride the groom had rented a plane to fly over the wedding while the ceremony was going on. He told me we ended the plane should be flying overhead. Like most things the pilot was missing in action at the appropriate time. This had the groom very frustrated to say the least. Of course the bride knew nothing about this. She kept wondering why we’re all still there after the ceremony. The photographer was waiting kid to get his shot of the fly over went from their wedding date on it. As we waited for the pilot to find us on the beach, I called the Airport to ask where he was. The Airport could not tell me. So I made small talk and placed them in some extra poses to pass the time. The photographer kept taking pictures and finally when we thought we could stall any more the plane is seen in the distance. I asked everyone to look up. When the bride saw her wedding date with their initials on the fly over she was overjoyed. The photographer got a shot of the bride and groom with the plane as it passed by.