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Valentine’s Day Wedding In The Sand

We have a Pensacola Beach wedding on Valentine’s Day. It’s been a long time since we had one. My cousin was married on Valentine’s Day and I was a bridesmaid. So it’s very nice to be having one on the date made especially for lovers.marry me on the sand I think this is only the second time we’ve had a wedding on Valentine’s Day. The bride com added that it was very hard to find a restaurant that can accommodate them. Everything is booked up for this day. But they found some place. I was very happy for them. I know that a lot of people get proposed to on Valentine’s Day. I think it is almost as popular as Christmas when it comes to having someone popped the question. Many brides receive from a ring as a Christmas present. But on Valentine’s Day we’ve heard of bride getting engagement rings in a box of candy. How romantic and sweet. Whenever day you choose for your wedding it will be the best day of the life. So much love and hope will be there for you on your big day. The wedding that we’ve been discussing will have the bride and groom, their parents, and a few close friends. The beach wedding package they have selected is Island Getaway, a simple romantic ceremony. With the beautiful Gulf of Mexico has their backdrop, it will be a beautiful ceremony indeed. There will be a lot of warm kisses which we love to capture the moments in photos. I’m wishing it all if you a very wonderful Valentine’s Day and may you be with the person you love the most.

The Do It Yourself Wedding And Why You May Want To Think Twice.

Getting married in Gulf Shores and thinking about doing it all by yourself? Before you decide to do that you really need to think about what’s going happen on your wedding day. At one time I was opened to letting brides bring their own decorations until I had a wedding or arch almost fall on me.bride with kids That was scary because it was made out of metal. The arch started coming down and we all ran. Guess who was closest to it feel? Me. It caught the end of my heel. I’ve read about brides who said they would never recommend doing it yourself because the bride and her mom end up doing most of it. That’s right. Could you imagine doing all the cooking, decorating, planning on your wedding day? Your beach wedding is supposed to be lighthearted and fun with you spending the day enjoying yourself, maybe a manicure and pedicure, getting your hair and makeup done, or massage. You do not want to be working on your wedding day. And you don’t want your groom working on your wedding date either. After all you want him smiling and handsome not tired and cranky. This is your date to shine so leave your ceremony to us. It’s possible we try to come to you and set up our decorations. If you’re not in a wedding friendly area we can help you find one. There’s a lot we can do for you while you sit back and relax and enjoy your day. We make it so easy all you have to do is show up with a marriage license. That doesn’t that sound better than you running yourself ragged trying to have the wedding of your dreams? So go to the contact page on the web site and send us an e-mail or call and we’ll be happy to talk to you about your wedding day.

Eat Shrimp And Get Married On The Beach In Gulf Shores

What’s a beach wedding in Gulf Shores without eating some shrimp? Here on the Gulf Coast of Alabama we got some shrimp and their delicious. What a great thing to do after getting married then go and have some great shrimp. marry me on the sandAnd there’s no better time to come down to Gulf Shores Alabama then during the shrimp festival held every year in October. You can find every kind of shrimp made under the sun. Fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, steamed shrimp, barbecued shrimp, you get the picture. It would be a great time to have a honeymoon during a shrimp festival. And it’s free to get in, no cover charge. Not only delicious seafood to choose from but really great entertainment so bring your lawn chair. Not only national acts will be entertaining you but local musicians as well. Grab yourself a place to call your own and there’s plenty of beverages of every sort to quench the thirst. Another great thing about this festival other than you get having a beach wedding is the arts and crafts, which means shopping. You will find artists offering photography, painting, sculpture and mixed media to admire or collect. You will also find jewelry, that’s right you grooms out there! You could buy a lovely necklace for your bride or bride to be at very reasonable prices. A pearl necklace would be beautiful on her neck during your wedding ceremony. So come down to beautiful Gulf Shores Alabama and get married, have your honeymoon right here, and enjoyed some of the best seafood you’ve ever put your mouth. I’ll be seeing you there, just look for the straw hat.

The Wedding Of 2 At The Beach

Our couple decided to have an Orange Beach Alabama wedding at the Island House Hotel. It was just two of them and so romantic. The couldn’t have picked a better place to have their ceremony. The Island House Hotel is truly a gem of a hotel.pensacola weddings Very clean and on a beautiful beach. Our couple met us in the lobby and we all walked out to the beach together. I went ahead and waited for them on the beach while the photographer took pictures of them walking down to is. Our bride was wearing a cream colored short dress with lace on the front, which almost look like crochet. It was beautiful. The groom also looked quite nice with a linen vest with matching slacks for their beach wedding. After the ceremony we placed them in several different poses and the photographer had them walk down the beach. There weren’t a lot of people on that beach so when they walked up to a group of people everyone broke out in applause. How sweet! Are blushing bride smiled and of course the groom was beaming. When they came back the bride had a large plaid scarf she wanted to use in pictures. We wrap the scarf around them and shot some great pictures they were going to be using on Christmas cards. I loved it how clever. We took several shots also of them sitting on the scarf so they would have a wide variety of pictures to choose from for their Christmas card. I would highly encourage everyone to try this themselves when they’re down here. It really made for beautiful pictures.

Beach Wedding With A Shrimp Festival Too

Did you get married in Gulf Shores this weekend? If so then you had a great time at the shrimp festival which is held every year about this same time. There’s no fee to enter the shrimp festival and there’s free entertainment.beach bride With arts and crafts and some of the best seafood you’ll ever eat what more could a bride and groom ask? We have married many couples every year during this shrimp festival. Many brides and grooms come back each year for this very reason, it’s a great way to celebrate your anniversary and have a good time with great food. The festival starts on Thursday and goes through Sunday. We’ve had a lot of couples have their beach wedding on Friday, then go to the shrimp festival that night for entertainment, and Saturday ego for the arts and crafts and of course the food! It’s kind of like a reception with a lot of people. But it really is a fun time for everyone. If you have children from previous marriages what a great time for them to come and have fun also. There’s lots of things for the kids and they can participate in the wedding. Your friends and family love being invited to a wedding on the beach with the shrimp festival going on at the same time. Believe me that a will make several trips to the festival and enjoy themselves completely. I’m hoping that next year I see a lot if you here celebrating your anniversaries or weddings right here in Gulf Shores Alabama.

Simple Orange Beach Wedding

This Alabama Beach wedding was a very simple affair. The bride had something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.bride with kids Her white flowing blouse rippled softly in the breeze while she and her groom walked together across the sand. Both bride and groom had matching eyes, the color of the sea. There were dolphins swimming close by which added to a ambiance of the moment. It was only the two of them and it couldn’t have been more romantic. The bride as me to sprinkle some rose petals from three beautiful roses she had. And they stood on those petals during the ceremony. The bride carried a blue rose with butterflies on it. Although the sky was overcast it pictures turned out beautiful. The small ceremonies are some of my favorites. The romance of just the two if you being there together on the sand is something that poets can only describe. I enjoy my second weddings, these are people who know who they are, where they’re going, and what they want. Most of them are in their late thirties or early forties and have found a love again. I think that’s beautiful when you can find love twice in one lifetime. Most people find it at least once but to find it twice is truly a miracle. Be grateful for what you found in your life including love. For many of you it will be the first time to find the love of your life and to get married to that person. And for some you it will be the second time. I look forward to helping you make this moment the best it can be.

Orange Beach Wedding In A Tropical Storm

Our bride and groom had decided to get married in Orange Beach Alabama. Everything was all set, we had the arch ready that they had picked out and I was watching the weather channel like I always do. I had been watching it for a few days.hands down I was concerned about a tropical storm that was forming in the Gulf of Mexico. When I called our bride and groom I tell them of my concern for their beach wedding. They assured me that regardless of what happened they wanted to get married that afternoon. I called my photographer and informed him of the bride and groom’s wishes. He said I’m ready if you are. As I continue to watch the progression of the tropical storm that afternoon I called our happy couple and inform them that we would not be able to have the ceremony on the beach as we had planned. Fortunately for us the bride and groom are staying in a condominium that had a clubhouse and we were able to use it. I remember unloading the wedding arch and thinking the wind was really picking up. Most of the guests started arriving and the rain started. Fortunately the bride had already arrived and was in the back room getting ready with the bridesmaids. We got everything setup and had a lovely ceremony in the clubhouse. By that time the tropical storm was in full force. As we started loading the truck I almost got blown over by a large gust of wind. We were finally able to get all of equipment loaded and the photographer and I were drenched. We made it over the bridges before the authorities  closed them and thanked our lucky stars we came home that only wet clothes them.

Halos For Beach Wedding Angels

Have you ever been to a beach waiting in Gulf Shores and seen angels running around the beach? With their little halos and fluffy dresses they look like they fell right off a cloud. Both big girls and little girls like halos. beach brideRecently I had a wedding where the bride wore a halo which she made herself. The one that she had chosen matched her color theme which was yellow. She used both bright yellow in pale yellow with some greenery and it really looked beautiful. These pretty hair accessories look great on the beach. If you’re thinking about having a child wear one don’t go all white. Mix in some color to brighten up the white. Pink would look great and you can use any shade of pink that you like with the white for your beach landing. For older girls you can do just about anything. I’ve even seen some halos with ribbons hanging from them. This look can be taken home and used for dress up. Halos for brides can be all white went little stars to glisten in the sun. I’ve even seen some with tiny starfishes. You can look just like a mermaid with one of those. I love this versatile look for a more natural take on the veil. Must halos are made with silk flowers and there’s a reason for this. For your ceremony on the sand real flowers for something so small and intricate can be very expensive. It’s not really the flowers that are pricey it’s all the work that has to go into the halo. So go for silk instead. Then you to can have angels at your wedding.

Bridesmaids Dress Rentals

With your Gulf Shores beach wedding next year and you’re thinking about bridesmaids dresses, have you thought about having that girls rent them? It is a big expense to come to a destination wedding in Alabama, find a place to stay, pay for your own food, flying or driving and finding the time off from work or school. Most bridesmaids dresses can only be worn once.hands down It can also be hard to find a good style that flatters every figure. By going with a rental company that specializes in bridesmaids dresses it’s very easy to find different styles back and flatter everyone and make your wedding bridal beautiful. Find a style that you like, go to a store in town that has similar dresses, try the dresses on, and then what are the ones online. Now you may find that dress you need at a reasonable price at a local store. It may even be less expensive than renting. But maybe you can’t find the right color. That’s the beauty of renting. Most of these companies will have the right style and the right color for your ladies. On the wedding resources page on the web site you will find a bridesmaids dress rental web site. This is not the only one however. This is just an example of what’s out there. Go on line in research this, check reviews, and then make your own decision. You’ll also find on the wedding resources page some online sites for wedding gowns for the bride and the sites also provide bridesmaids dresses. Don’t limit yourself by going to one store. It’s your beach wedding habit the way that you want it to be.

What’s Your Favorite Wedding Color Theme?

Is your Gulf Shores beach wedding going to be a sea of yellow? Well think again. So your bridesmaids dresses are yellow, the groomsmen ties are yellow, there is yellow in the bouquets, yellow in the wedding arch and you have a yellow rose petal path. And you’re wearing white. White is a neutral color and yellow is a bright color. pensacola wedding in floridaWhat color do you  think people are going be looking at? Now you’re starting to see things differently. If you have too much of one color your wedding it will overpower everything else. Take it from someone who has done hundreds of weddings on the beach and has seen it all.   If you’ll notice in our designs we try to keep everything as simple as possible. There is a reason for this. Large decorations will overpower everything including the bride. Everyone will be looking at the big decorations and not at what they should be looking at which is the bride and groom. You have to be really careful and have a light hand when it comes to color and decor. It is very easy to assume that having everything one color will make it OK. Nothing could be further from the truth. Complimentary and contrasting colors work better instead of everything all one color. Neutral tones look great with beach weddings. Tropical colors are nice as well. It all depends on how they are displayed. I go online and see lighting designs that are beautiful and tastefully done. I also see ones that are downright scary. So when you want a color to pop only use it once. For instance you could have a white flower arch with a yellow rose petal path. Your bridesmaids bouquets could be a pale pink. Now you’re starting to see the picture. When you walk down the aisle in your white wedding gown you will be the shining star surrounded by touches of color.