Beach Weddings Pensacola

Beach Weddings Pensacolabeach wedding pensacola
This beach wedding in Pensacola at sunset was incredibly unique and simple. Just look at all those colors in the sky. Her husband’s tie really pops up against the colors of the sky. This couple was so meant for each other. They had both moved to the area a few months ago because their jobs brought them here. They feel in love it here. This couple was expecting their first child. It was a last minute wedding with friends. While their families wanted to come there wasn’t enough time to get to the beach wedding. But there was so much love and I’m sure the families were there in spirit. The water looked beautiful, a lovely shade of turquoise green. While I was waiting for the groom to come I went down to the water to look for shells. Since it was on a busier beach there wasn’t much. The bride walked over to me and as I looked down I found a very pretty shell and gave it to her.  She loved it. Sometimes it’s little things like that, it’s a way to communicate with people by showing there kindness. I try to show all the brides and grooms kindness and understanding. It can be stressful but I try to make the Pensacola wedding as stress less as possible. By being more accessible to brides by giving them my cell number they can contact me at any time. I also try to help them have as much information as possible to help them feel more in control of their wedding.  It’s vital to make couples know Beach Bride Weddings LLC care about every aspect of the ceremony. Let’s make it happen. Your wedding will be the same way. We will provide the exact same services we bring all of our couples. I will make it happen.