Beach Weddings Orange Beach

Beach Weddings Orange Beachbeach weddings orange beach
Orange Beach weddings can be any groom dream but let’s not forget about Gulf Shores. They are one of the most wedding friendly places in Alabama. Although it’s a bigger area there are plenty of areas to go and have more intimate moments. It’s also less expensive as some of the resort style areas. Don’t get me wrong there are some very plush condos and houses but also middle of the road accommodations as well. No matter where you stay you will find many places to explore and bring home beach wedding memories to enjoy with your pictures. This young couple already had two children between them and had decided to tie the knot on the beach. When they told their families they wanted to get married in Gulf Shores they called Beach Bride Weddings LLC. We were pleased to hear from them. The date they chose was booked but the bride had to reschedule at the last minute so they were ecstatic their date was available. They picked the Island Getaway package. With only a few close friends for bridesmaids and groomsmen they didn’t need much more than that. The bride had chose yellow and gray as her color theme for her beach wedding. The bridesmaids dresses were gray with bouquets with yellow in them as seen in the photo. Our bride had a simple halter style dress with a similar bouquet, using sunflowers for the bouquets, which was a smashing choice. The gray dresses provided a neutral palette for the yellow to shine. Our groom wore khakis and a white shirt while the groomsmen wore yellow shirts and khakis. The brown ties were a nice touch. The two boys had blue shirts with khaki shorts. And one little boy was just fascinated with the sand and could not stop playing in it. He stole the show with his adorable antics.