Beach Wedding Pensacola Florida

beach wedding pensacola floridaThis beach wedding in Pensacola Florida was cheerful with their family oriented vows. The bride and groom loved nothing better than belly laughs around with each other and their families. Check these two posing for a very comical picture. The humidity was high as you can see from our bride’s hair but she wasn’t the only one. My hair was a having a fuzzy time as well. Even brides with straight hair can get fuzzy in ninety eight percent humidity. It’s something all brides deal with on the beach. But who doesn’t want to get married on Pensacola Beach in Florida? Look at the water, isn’t that enough to drag you into this picture. I’m sure most of you can envision yourselves there now, standing on the white sand beaches and repeating your vows to each other. Sounds like something you might enjoy? You can see the groom is in a suit on the beach. Most grooms don’t wear suits but this was in April so it’s doable. If it were summer I would advise against a suit unless you have to wear a military uniform. Most grooms go for khaki slacks or shorts. Yes shorts are good for beach weddings and can look very tasteful. Remember you’re on the beach and it’s not formal. It would be very hard to pull off a formal wedding on the beach. And who would want to? The pose the bride and groom are in is called the groom trying to run away pose. The bride grasps his collar and the groom leans back some. This young man really took it to heart and leaned way back. And the bride took it all in stride and used one delicate finger to hold his collar. She had told me she always wanted to get married on the beach and she got her wish.