Affordable Pensacola Wedding in Florida

pensacola wedding in florida

This affordable Pensacola wedding in Florida was in November and the weather was wonderful. The bride and groom had decided on a beach wedding because they both loved the idea. She was from out of state and had moved to Pensacola and the groom was from another state as well. He moved here because of his job. The bride had just found out she was pregnant with their first child so she didn’t want to wait any longer. Both parents wanted to get married as soon as possible. When she first contacted me we met at Whataburger and discussed what she wanted, a small wedding with friends on the beach. The couple’s family lived out of state and they couldn’t make the wedding on such short notice but the bride and groom didn’t want to wait since the bride was expecting a baby. Instead we all met on the beach near the beach ball water tower o Pensacola Beach wedding. The water tower is a great landmark and easy to find.  The moon was in this photo and it was a super moon. The bride loved that it was so big and bright, just like her smile. This fun loving couple did get married on Pensacola Beach just like they wanted to. Does this sound like a beach wedding you might dream of having? Call or email us today and we can deliver the beach wedding you’ve always wanted. Don’t wait, do it today.  our happiness is just around the corner.