Iphones At Weddings At The Beach

Many of you are planning to get married on Pensacola Beach this year so congratulations! You have picked a wedding friendly place on the Gulf Coast. As you know most of our weddings come with a photographer. Lighthouse pointThere will be your friends and family taking pictures as well with cameras. There will also be people taking pictures Iphones and Ipads. Recently it has come into question as to whether this is a good idea or not. Last year we had brides tell their guests not to use their Iphones or Ipads. I’m sure many of you are curious as to why a bride would ask this. Here is that answer you won’t see coming. There have been guests who got a little too aggressive there Iphones or Ipads while videoing the wedding. We had it happen to us and it’s not pretty. I understand how people can get excited.  They have never been at a beach wedding before. In their excitement they get carried away thinking they have suddenly become professional videographers. It’s understandable. We’re always patient when this happens. Only once have we ever had to tell someone to please step back and give us space to work. As a guest you should be both respectful and courteous to the bride and groom. Do not think it’s all right to be in a place where you do not belong. If you do want to video stay out of the way the photographer who is a professional and is getting paid for the pictures. Their pictures are the most important ones because a professional is behind the camera.