Beach Wedding On Black Friday

If you’re thinking about a beach waiting in Gulf Shores and black Friday is a great day to get married on the beach because everyone will be shopping and you can have the entire beach to yourself. destin weddingThat really says it in a nutshell. Imagine walking onto the beach about 4 in the afternoon and there’s not a soul around in either direction. You and your bride to be just had a great Thanksgiving the day before and now you’re having a beach wedding in one of the most popular areas in Alabama and it’s deserted. Your pictures will be great because no one will be in the background and the photographer won’t be having to run all over the place to get the perfect shot. You’ll be as laid back issue can be and so will she. So as you can tell I’m speaking to the grooms out there or should I say grooms to be. I know that you’re future wife is out there getting all the deals that she can but you’re browsing the Internet for that perfect way to say I love you. And what better way to say I love you than with a wedding in the sand. I know some of you are probably in places that might be cold so let me tell you right now it’s 71° outside. Now you see why you should come down here. And the fall is some of the best time to be here. All of the tourist have gone home for the summer and we have the snowbirds coming in so it’s very quiet on the sand. I would enjoy helping you plan the waiting a few dreams so call me today. Happiness is just a phone call away.